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  1. Mike

    Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Hi All - I've been working on the FishLore instagram account (I know, welcome to the 21st century mike) and have been going through threads looking for "good" pictures of member's tanks and fish and have been sharing/featuring them on instagram. I'm making this thread and sticky-ing it so I can easily find new pics from our members to share on instagram.

    So, if you have a "good" pic you would like me to feature on instagram, post it in this thread. I'll watch this thread daily so I get notifications when someone makes a new post. Please note I am only looking for really good pics of tanks and/or fish (no blurry pics or dirty tanks) so please don't be offended if yours doesn't get selected. Planted, ponds, fresh and saltwater, anything is acceptable. I'll put your member name on the instagram post to credit you.

    Here is the official FL instagram account page:  

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  2. Fanatic

    Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    Here is a photo of my 20 gallon :)
  3. Lchi87

    Lchi87 Moderator Moderator Member



    Just a few lol.

  4. OP

    Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

  5. Fanatic

    Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    Thanks Mike! :)
  6. bizaliz3

    bizaliz3 Fishlore Legend Member

    Here's my best pics @Mike !! Good thing there is a limit of 10! haha I could have kept going! It was hard to narrow it down!

    20170202_185748.jpg 20170403_202312.jpg 20160303_134504-1-1.jpg 20180322_153538.jpg 20170306_192905.jpg 20171221_230948.jpg 1439.jpg 20151029_233433-1-1-1.jpg 20160117_234255-1.jpg 20160501_021810.jpg
  7. Aqua Hands

    Aqua Hands Well Known Member Member

    440854[/ATTACH]'] full.jpg

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  8. LilBlub

    LilBlub Well Known Member Member

    I tried to get a good picture of my goldfish, but they were very hyper. So here’s the bettas!
  9. LilBlub

    LilBlub Well Known Member Member

    And a guppy I bred... Forgot to attach it!
  10. stella1979

    stella1979 Moderator Moderator Member

  11. Protim Sarkar

    Protim Sarkar Well Known Member Member

  12. stella1979

    stella1979 Moderator Moderator Member

    I'm no photographer, but this is another that I love anyway. How about a ' Nice haul' pic for the Instagram page Mike?:D

  13. Fanatic

    Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    Nice! I feel like a bad photographer when compared with these photos!
    @bizaliz3 Nice pictures!

    TRAILRIDER Valued Member Member

    WOW! Not just beautiful tanks and fish, but great photography too. You all amaze me! And now I want a freshwater aquarium too....beginning to think getting on this site might not have been such a good idea after all!
  15. jdhef

    jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    @Thunder_o_b , this thread is really calling out to you!
  16. Lchi87

    Lchi87 Moderator Moderator Member

    So @Mike will this thread be kept open for future submissions or is this just to get the ball rolling? Edit: I just answered my own question. Sorry for the momentary brain fart.

    On to my salty pics; not as many because I just got started!


    And one more to show off my Fishlore swag :p

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  17. Goldie&Yami

    Goldie&Yami Valued Member Member

    I'm no photographer either I'm just a hobbyist in love with the hobby still coming off of humble beginnings. But I didn't really see any snail pics. These are some of my favorite.

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  18. Milliemae124

    Milliemae124 Valued Member Member

    I don’t think these are Instagram worthy but thought I’d put them on :p

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  19. Goldie&Yami

    Goldie&Yami Valued Member Member

    I absolutely love keeping terracottas in my tank!

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  20. OP

    Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Yup, this will be my first stop to get pics to update the instagram account! So we will keep it open.

    Aaaaaaannnnnnddddd holy cow! That FL shirt is AWESOME! I don't even have one of those!

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