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Okay, honestly, there's nothing clever here. It all starts off with my name...Michael. Doesn't get any less orginal than that. That's why I have to gussy it up with fancy characters. It was going to be |V|][{|-|/\[-|_ but as I was revelling in the genius of spelling my name without using any letters (okay, there was a V in there, but I liked that better), I found out you apparently either can't use / or \.

Anyhow, I guess the point to this is to tell you about myself, so here I go...
I have MTS bad, as I'm sure most of you do. Fish-keeping seems to be more of an addiction than a hobby. Sometimes I feel like a heroine addict shivering, sweating and trying to find a good vein. Fortunately I have my wife to keep me on the right track, so I only have 3 fish tanks.

I have a 55 gallon that I recently planted which houses angels and platies.

I have a 100 gallon that houses my sister-in-law's turtles. I don't like them because I've always wanted Oscars but never had a tank big enough. Now I do and I have these two filth mongers in it. They are pretty funny though. They spend their whole day eating gravel and swimming backwards with their butts up in the air. Good stuff.

I also have a 40 gallon that I'll probably end up shoving a pair of severum or a variety of tiger barbs.

Well, that's about all for me. I look forward to getting to know all of you and drooling over your aquariums. Thanks for taking the time to read.


Welcome to FishLore! You will love it here!
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Thank you, Gunnie. So far, so good.


Welcome to FishLore! Hope you enjoy it here with us.



Okay, for some reason every time I try to log back in it says that my username doesn't exist. I'm hoping it was a problem with the name itself, so I'll try this one and hope it works better. Thank you again for the welcome.


A belated welcome!! have to say that I found your original username very original!!
I, too, would like to have a big tank with either a few Oscars or convict cichlids............. unfortunately I don't have the room. (I do, however have the tank..... a 75 gallon my sister is "storing" for me....... how I miss that tank!!)
MTS is easy to be infected by. I have two (smallish) tanks, and am looking for room for one (or two or three) more (bigger).......... I could probably fit one in my garage..... or maybe scale down from a queen-size bed to a twin..... I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind..... the couch looks pretty comfy to me. ;D Oh my......... maybe I need help? Nah....... I know I can handle this.......... But the aquarium I saw on the Discovery channel is SO COOL!!! What sort of license do I need to dig an underwater tunnel??............ ok, I need help. Where is the local chapter of AA (Aquatics Anonymous)?



Hahahaha..the of turtles swimming backwards with their butts up in the air..priceless!!..actually,hang on,I've been known to do that on occasion at a beach-party when I've had one too many!!..ah well,welcome aboard.


Welcome to FishLore!!! You'll like it her I think we have people from all over and with different levels of experience.

Joe G

welcome , and I think I have caught MTS.


Welcome to Fish Lore I loved your introduction, lol ;D Especially the part with the turtles swimming with their "butts up in the air" ... haha. Cool to have you here


A belated welcome to Fishlore.com. I am having trouble getting about to all the posts lately but hope you will forgive my tardiness. It is so nice to meet you. It is hilarious to think of the turtles. I have never actually seen one and it gave me quite a vision!! LOL

Again, Welcome. This is one fine group of people. I have met some of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure to know online or off here and hope you can say the same.


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