Inkbird Itc-306t Controller


The Inkbird ITC-306T heater controller has come up in various threads. I thought perhaps it might be beneficial to say a little bit about it. I bought one a few weeks ago and haven't deployed it yet but I have played with it a little to be sure it worked and that I knew about how to use it.

The idea of a separate heater controller is that it replaces the control circuitry in your regular heater. You turn your heater to its highest setting, so it will always come on when power is applied, and then plug it into the controller. The ITC-306T has room for two heaters to be plugged in directly.

You then program the controller for the temperature you want. The ITC-306T has a wired, waterproof temperature probe that can be placed wherever it will reach in your tank. The sensor wire is 2 meters long. A mounting suction cup is included.

The ITC-306T includes a number of settings not typically available in a regular heater. You can change from Celsius to Fahrenheit. You can set the temperature differential. This is the temperature drop from the set point needed for the unit to turn on the heater. You can program it to maintain different temperatures at different times of the day. Finally, you can program a calibration adjustment to ensure the unit is dead on accurate.

The set temperature range is -50C to 99.9C. Clearly this exceeds any reasonable aquarium range. In Celsius you can set to 0.1C. Fahrenheit is only in whole degrees.

The documentation says the temperature differential range is 0.3C to 15C, but mine allows me to go to 0.1C and I've verified it does work. For some reason, if you choose Fahrenheit, the limit is 1F to 30F, so you don't get as fine of granularity. I think 0.1C might be a bit too sensitive but 1F is maybe not quite sensitive enough.

The calibration of my unit seems to be off, so it's probably not a bad idea to do an ice bath calibration before putting it into service. At least I can make adjustments so I won't have to forever remember how far off it is.

There are heaters designed to be used with controllers like this but they don't seem to be very common. The only one I've seen was sold as part of a kit that included a controller.


I’ve no knowledge of this but I’ve seen other members mention it, thanks for giving your experience of it


I use one in my pig barn. I love it! I imagine it would be great for aquariums too.


I have a lesser model that just turned on and off at set failed and started making warning noises....I contacted the company who sent me through a reset checklist....upon failing still, they mailed me a replacement...must be verified under a year old though....highly recommended

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