Injured starfish needs help!


I was at the beach yesterday night and found a starfish. It was far up on the beach, no where near the water and very dried out. It sincerely looked as though it were dead. My fiance picked it up, thinking it'd make a cool decoration. We looked at it's underside and saw it had a stick stabbed through it's mouth, and he thought that's what must've killed it. I wasn't convinced it was completely dead because it's underside was soft, so I asked him to dip it in the water. After he dipped it in the water, it started moving a lot. It was indeed alive. We brought it home to try to remove the stick and then re-release it.

It's currently in a big bowl of cold salt water.

I made this account to ask how I should go about removing the stick, and getting the starfish to let go of the stick without hurting it.
But now my biggest concern at this moment, it's a purple-y red starfish, and upon waking up this morning, it's turning the water purple. What does that mean??

I believe it is an Ochre sea star.


I guess just pull it out. if you are really committed to saving it, you can buy some aquarium meds. (disclaimer, I know nothing about starfish)

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