Injured/sick Cory Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by fjh, May 20, 2019.

  1. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Thanks in advance for reading!

    So I did a 50% WC on my 10g today and accudently sucked up one of my cory fry. They are almost 3 months old, and this has never happened before which makes me wonder if he was sick (and weaker) beforehand (which allowed me to suck him into the siphon). I broke the suction as soon as I saw him in there, but I might have been too late...

    Anyway so I just saw him stuck to the filter, so I unplugged it and he swam away. About 2 minutes after plugging the filter back in, I saw him stuck there again. So now he is sitting in a breeder net in the tank.

    I did notice he appears to have a red head (like where his brain is) and a red tear maybe at the base of his fin (or perhaps just a pimple, hard to tell). Please see pics. He is still alive and will swim if you touch him (albeit with poor balance, like he spins as he shoots forward).

    So... my questions:
    1) Do any of his symptoms suggest he was sick prior to getting sucked into the siphon?
    2) If so, what?
    3) What is the best way to help him heal?  

  2. SaltyPhone Well Known Member Member

  3. nikm128 Fishlore VIP Member

    I would definitely give the little guy some stress coat

  4. fjh Well Known Member Member

    EEEK sorry, I totally forgot to add those!!
    Its a sterbai corydora fry (hatched 3/1). Water parameters after the WC were 0/0/5ish (didn't measure before). No history of disease and no fish death in this tank except when the fry were less than 2 weeks old. However, I did recently add 3 female(I think) bettas without quarantine (yeah, yeah I know. But they seemed healthy and I didn't have any room elsewhere).
  5. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Just realized the 2nd attachment isnt showing (no idea why this keeps happening to me). Here it is again. 
  6. nikm128 Fishlore VIP Member

    Honestly, not sure he'll make it, but clean water and stress coat would be my starting point.
  7. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Thanks! He isn't actually on his side, I was just trying to show the red spot. Got this while he was spinning/twirling.
    I added stress coat to the tank and since I just did a WC the water seems pretty clean.
    Thank you so much for your help here and on my other thread!!!
  8. SaltyPhone Well Known Member Member

    Shame shame no qt of new fish lol. Seriously though I’ve grabbed many a fish in the vac and they all turned out ok..right. If you don’t have a dedicated qt you could always poke some holes in that cup and attach it securely to the tank rim temporarily.
  9. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Lol yeah I just took in a bunch of fish from a friend so I'm a bit short on space ATM... that's also where the 3 bettas came from.
    The cory is currently in a breeder net on the side of the tank. Probably better than a cup.
  10. SaltyPhone Well Known Member Member

    I ain’t never heard of no fancy breeder nets XD