Injured Or Sick?

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    What is the water volume of the tank?
    190l approx

    How long has the tank been running?
    April/May 2019 set up began fishless cycle with food and ammonia May 12th added fish (harlequin rasboras and ember tetras) had a nitrite spike nitrates remained low no ammonia showed. Added prime and daily water changes sorted out a less than a week later.
    Does it have a filter?
    1400l/he external filter
    Does it have a heater?
    Yes set to 26°C
    What is the water temperature?
    26-27°C depending on how much sunlight/how long lights are on

    What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.)
    10 harlequin rasboras
    10 ember tetras
    10 cardinal tetras
    Some pest snails

    How often do you change the water?
    At least once a week sometimes twice a week
    How much of the water do you change?
    Normally about 30% sometimes less if it's the second of the week sometimes more if substrate looks dirty and I get carried away.
    What do you use to treat your water?
    Prime 1 capful at water changes (forgot last time) I use JBL live bacteria + stress coat when adding new fish or do a particularly large water change.
    Do you vacuum the substrate or just the water?
    Vacuum with a python type water changer

    *Parameters - Very Important
    Did you cycle your tank before adding fish?
    Yes. See above I may have lost the cycle before adding.
    What do you use to test the water?
    JBL liquid test kit
    What are your parameters? We need to know the exact numbers, not just “fine” or “safe”.

    Ammonia: 0
    Nitrite: 0
    Nitrate: about 5
    pH: 6.7 (or 6.4 I've forgot and cant read my handwriting sorry)

    How often do you feed your fish?
    Every day. (Sometimes I have forgotten I admit)
    How much do you feed your fish?
    As much as they eat in about 30 seconds as the smaller ones are slow to the feast

    What brand of food do you feed your fish?
    JBL Flakes

    Do you feed frozen or freeze-dried foods?

    Illness & Symptoms
    How long have you had this fish?
    June 9th
    How long ago did you first notice these symptoms?
    In a few words, can you explain the symptoms?
    Looks like an injury scales missing? Or lostvthere colour in a line.
    Have you started any treatment for the illness?
    Not yet.
    Was your fish physically ill or injured upon purchase?
    Not as far as I'm aware.
    How has its behavior and appearance changed, if at all?
    Just these scales seem.missing on one side it looks sore

    Explain your emergency situation in detail. (Please give a clear explanation of what is going on, include details from the beginning of the illness leading up to now)

    So I was feeding them as normal.and I noticed this one Cardinal had a weird look on one side. For a day or two I had only counted 9 most times occasionally 10 but hadn't noticed this mark before yesterday. I'm wondering if hes got stuck in an ornament (there are lots of tunnels and hidey holes) or burnt himself on the heater. Is this just like a birth mark I've not noticed. Earlier my cardinals were a bit dulled I raised this earlier and the advice was they were probably stressed with the move new tank mates etc. Now they are getting brighter and this mark now stands out. Hes behaving normally and feeding fine hes not being isolated. It just looks like maybe an injury but I wanted to vet a second opinion. And I was wondering if it needs treating or leaving.

    I've added pics
    He looks fine from the other side and front on (excuse the algea this was day before w/c and clean)
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    Imo, it looks like an injury. My guess is chlorine was making them look dull until you remembered to dose Prime. I would keep water fresh and clean like you're doing, maybe even up the water changes to every other day if you feel like doing something lol. Fresh water and good nutrition (but not overfeeding! What you are doing is fine!) is a miracle worker for preventing infection. Looks ok so far to me.

    If you happen to have capatta leaves, I like to add half a large leaf per 30 gallons into the filter. They are said to have antibacterial properties and your fish will appreciate the compounds they release ;)
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    Thank you. I'm very skittish about this tank lol. I had a bad experience a few years ago. I've not heard of capatta leaves I'll look those up ty. I forgot to add my filter has a UV light too.
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    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. They are also known as Indian Almond Leaves (IAL). I got mine online. I wrap them in pantyhose to prevent the pieces from getting everywhere, but water still flows thru and releases compounds. They are good for softwater loving fish. They do release tannins though as in stain your water an amber color, but it won't be as much pigment the less leaf you use and frequency of water changes.

    UV filter is good :) I wish I had one, thinking hard about it.
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    Unfortunately he died today. All the others look healthy. I dosed with prime and will do extra wc this week. I've had another slime algea bacteria bloom. Soon as I think I'm getting over it it comes back with a vengeance. Think I'll need to stop the tank down on my next day off remove all plants replace with silk ones whilst I get it under control then buy new live plants later. Wish I knew what it was when I first saw it I just thought (stupidly)."woah that's an awesome colour!"
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    I have heard of almond leaves though so I'll keep that in mind