Injured Kuhli Loach?

  1. Landos Well Known Member Member


    I dont know what's wrong with one of my kuhlis.
    The only other inhabitants are 30xdwarf corys (hastatus, habrosus & pygmy), 7xpeppered/albino corys, cherry shrimp and 6 kuhlis.
    Tank is a 30gal, heated to 74-75F with a HOB filter.
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  2. BiggerIsBetta Member Member

    Are those holes in his body?
  3. Sage Exotics Member Member

    Are there any ruff decorations in the tank, hard plastic plants, or sharp pieces of gravel or rock? If you have any of these things then that’s probably what did it. I’d remove those things to prevent further injury and just keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t get infected, hopefully it’ll heal and he’ll be fine. Keep a very close eye on the params to prevent infection and help him heal. (You meant 3 corys right? If not the tank is overstocked which might cause aggression which causes stress which causes weak immune system which causes infection and messes with his healing)
  4. Triston Wasmund Member Member

    When it comes to khuli loaches, sand is better as it is not as rough and is smoother when it comes to the protection of their barbs. Let us know what happens, and be sure to look at Sage Exotic's post it should help
  5. Landos Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for all the replies!
    Yes, those are injuries and some skin on his belly is missing.
    I do have 2 pieces of driftwood.
    The substrate is sand, the pool filter kind.
    I have been moving fish out of this tank, could he have gotten spooked and injured himself?
    Should I do daily water changes to help him heal?
  6. Sage Exotics Member Member

    It’s possible he got scared and scratched himself but I’d remove the drift wood, only do small daily water changes to prevent stress which is really not good for a fish. I think he’ll be fine, don’t worry :)
  7. Pictusboss Member Member

    he should be fine. The drift wood probably did it.
  8. Landos Well Known Member Member

    I think he's dying, he's lifeless on a leaf and breathing very heavy
  9. Landos Well Known Member Member

  10. Landos Well Known Member Member

    I tried to get him to euthanize him but he swam pretty fast.
    He is still breathing heavily and, obviously, laying like he was isn't normal
  11. skar Well Known Member Member

    I've not had a fish with an injury like that.
    But that is normal khuli weird resting position.
  12. BiggerIsBetta Member Member

    If he doesn't perk up in a few days, you can try to gently get him into a separate container (if he flees quickly, leave him) and euthanize with clove oil. I don't recommend the bashing, freezing, boiling, or blender methods
  13. Landos Well Known Member Member

    He's still kicking, but the cherry shrimp keep bugging him, and he was just laying there while one was on his wounds. I tried to get him out but he hid! Not sure where he is right now
  14. Triston Wasmund Member Member

    Yeah shrimp usually try feeding on weak or dead fish, even their own species, so go ahead and move the shrimp out for sure because he will feed on the open wound preventing them from any type of healing....
  15. BiggerIsBetta Member Member

    If you want you could put him in a breeding net with thick, soft plants
  16. Landos Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, I think I'm going to put him in a little 2gal tank I have laying around if I can net him out. He's still very quick!
    I think I saw an assassin snail on him as well.
    Is there any type of medication I can give to him that wou k d help his wounds?
    Thanks for all the replies!
  17. BiggerIsBetta Member Member