Injured Congo Tetra


HI All. I’m new to the forum, but have followed for a while now. I’ve been having some issues and would appreciate some advice!

We were away over night and when I got home this morning one of my Congos has a large wound on its side and was missing some scales. He is the largest and most dominant in the tank. Spoke to LFS and he told me to add some epsom salt, which I did today. So here’s hoping! LFS also mentioned that because of a power outage during the recent storm - that it may have triggered them to spawn and he could have been injured as a result.

Has anyone had this happen?

We’ve had some bad luck the last month or so and things were finally stabilized. Or so we’re hoping. (We have lost several green tiger barbs during that time)

Here are the basics. Tank has been up for 2 1/2 months - 55 gal planted freshwater - 4 Congo tetra, 3 green tiger barbs, 2 Black ghost knife, 2 dwarf gourami, 3 coury cats, 1 Chinese algae eater (recently added) and 6 snails. Ammonia - 0 / nitrites - 0 / nitrates < 40ppm / ph - 6.8 / Gh - 4 / kh - 2 / temp - 80


Is he being quarantined currently? I would if he's not already, you don't want to treat an entire tank when only one is injured, it shouldn't be too harmful, but it's best to only treat the injured one.
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Unfortunately I don’t have a QT. I’m suddenly realizing the need for one!

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