Injured Boesemani Rainbow Fish Help

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    On Monday one of my Boesemani Rainbow fish got caught in a hole in one of my decorative rocks. After I freed him, I could see obvious wounds on his back and belly. I made a small hospital tank with water from main tank and started treating with salt. His wounds seemed to be healing. Because I don’t have filtration for the hospital tank, I moved him to a second hospital tank with water from main tank last night. This morning, he has this “string” hanging from his lower wound. The hospital tank is too small, so I had planned to return him to the big tank with short periods of time in the salted tank. Now I’m not sure what course to take. Thoughts? IMG_1940.JPG

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  2. Rojer Ramjet

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    Keep him in one place; each time you move him, you stress him further.

    I lost one of my Bosemani yesterday; I'm treating my 300 gallon cascade for ich and the heat finally got to him.