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Injured Betta?

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by LeticiaM, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. LeticiaM Valued Member Member


    There is a Betta for sale on kijiji (Canadian version of Craigslist)... I have attached their pictures and have a couple questions... the seller says it is female...is that correct? And is her analfin torn up close to her body?

    Just trying to decide if I should purchase it and try to help her recover (if the fin is that torn).

    Thank you!

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  2. Repolie Well Known Member Member

    Looks like a male. Body is pretty big, fins are longish (though some females can also have long fins), belly is not as around as I would expect from a female and no visible egg spot. @Demeter can confirm. The analfin is torn close to the body, nothing clean water can't heal.

  3. LeticiaM Valued Member Member

    Thank you @Repolie !! I am actually hoping it is male since I have a cycled 5.5 gallon ready to go (I would want to put a female in a 10g...I find they are so fast!!) :)

    As long as the fin tear doesn’t turn into body rot, I can handle it then!! Thank you so much!

  4. Demeter Fishlore VIP Member

    I’m iffy on the gender for this one. I’d like to see better pics in proper lighting. Female VT can have some of the longest fins (for females anyways).

    Either way, if the price is right and it’s an easy pickup why not get it? The fins aren’t in that bad of shape and should heal just fine in a good tank.
  5. LeticiaM Valued Member Member

    Thanks @Demeter !! I have arranged to pick her/him up on Thursday evening :). I will hopefully have better pictures after that when it’s settled in.

    It’s actually pretty out of my way to get it, but I figured it will do better in a cycled tank than if someone else puts it in an unheated bowl. I will try my best anyway!!

    Thank you for your help!!! :)
  6. LeticiaM Valued Member Member

    Now I am second guessing myself for saying I will get it...if it’s a female, will it be okay in a 5.5 G? Our female Betta now whips around her 10G.
  7. CaptAnnDuchow Well Known Member Member

    She should be just fine. If nothing else females can be added together also, but i would wait until the new one is healed before doing so.
  8. LeticiaM Valued Member Member

    @Demeter @Repolie @Ann Daniel I hope it’s okay to call you back to this thread!!

    I picked her up (I am pretty sure it’s a female...she has an egg spot, no visible beard) Thursday night! Her analfin has been growing back since the picture was posted on kijiji, which is great! She came with a red mark on her head though which looks like a wound. Currently it is flat, not fuzzy, the center is a little white/cream coloured though. I will treat with water changes and Indian Almond Leaves. If it is not healing or looks raised or fuzzy, I will ask for advice here! Does that sound okay or should I be treating with anything now?

    She is a very pretty girl...pink with a metallic turquoise overtone....but feisty!!! Yikes! I had ramshorn snails in the tank for the past few months...I actually really like them! Once I acclimated her and let her into the tank she started attacking them! She killed one right away and attacked another two before I could rescue the rest! Apparently the previous owner had her with one other female Betta and some tetras in a 20 gallon for a couple months. So I guess she learnt to hold her own?!? I am not sure this girl is ever getting live roommates!! Upgraded to a 10 gallon soon hopefully, but no roommates!

    I still need to make her rank nicer and get many more live plants for her tank, but Ruby (named by my daughter) seems to be happy for now :)

    If you have suggestions for her wound care I would appreciate it! Thank you!!     
  9. Betta'sAnonymous Well Known Member Member

    Gorgeous fish! Hope the wound heals fast
  10. Demeter Fishlore VIP Member

    Looks much more healthy now and I agree that it’s a female. She was probably beat up in the previous tank, poor girl. At least the old owner decided to rehome her.
  11. Repolie Well Known Member Member

    Dang her fins are long! Very ambiguous looking. Continue with clean water.
  12. CaptAnnDuchow Well Known Member Member

    She is beautiful..i dont see a wound personally. If nobody else chimes in i would keeo water clean clean clean..they heal themselves in the wild so my take is if it doesnt get worse let them be unless of course it is severe..i see the darker spot you're talking about but from pictures it looks like her coloring to me.
  13. LeticiaM Valued Member Member

    Thank you everyone!! She really does have long fins for a female, doesn’t she?! My other female has pretty long fins too...I swear my next one will be a plakat! :p

    I thought it was her colouring too at first, today it looks more like a wound....I will keep an eye on it and won’t medicate unless I need to!

    Thanks so much for your comments and advice!!