Injured banggai cardinalfish

I've had a banggaI cardinal fish in my qt for a week now.It was eating frozen fish food.I'm noticing that it has a little redness in its eyes.Also,its first front top fin at the bottom of it where its body starts ,there is a little redness.I'm thinking that when I first bought it,it was already injured because its the only thing that's in my 10 gallon qt .I need to know what kind of meds to use.I did a 50% water change not to long ago.If you can help me I would really appreciate it.Thanks
Hello Damian,

Hopefully some members will be able to help you out today.

Best wishes for your fish!

is it eating, if so, I would soak the food in garlic ( can by at local fish store) and it will help the fish raise his immune system and heal faster, if not, you could use melafix and pimafix, both are safe can be used at same time ( used as directed) and will help fish fight off bacteria and fungal infections
best of luck and let us know how he does

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