Injured Australian Rainbowfish (Murray's River)


I have a 55G tank with 4 Australian rainbow fish (had 6; two died from old age some months ago) and a number of smaller fish (skirt tetras, cherry barbs, Harlequin Raspora, some Cory's). One of the Australian rainbows is much smaller than the others and I suspect was beaten up on by one of the much bigger guys - as of yesterday, the small one is swimming at the top of the tank and its tail and fins (all of them) appear to have been nipped off. One of the large ones has been behaving aggressively lately so I am guessing he's the culprit.

-Can fins grow back?
-I also have 20G long tank with only nano fish and a few Cory's. Would it be a good idea to move the injured rainbow in there so he is separated from the bigger ones who may have caused the injuries?
-Or is the issue that there aren't enough and would it be better if I added several more to the tank?

Water parameters in both tanks are normal and stable (0 ammonia, etc) and all of the other fish are fine; I do believe this is aggression and not disease. I'd like to give this guy a chance if that's possible...

I don't have a QT up, but do have an empty 20G high in the basement - but it's not set up, cycled, etc.



if i where you I would immediately remove the injured one and place it in its own tank because him being injured and stressed could cause a ich or fungal breakout in tank and everyone will get it
do salt baths and keep the tank clean and he will regrow fins
if I where you I would rehome the aggressor so it doesn't happen again
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I hadn't thought about it leading to a issue in the tank; thanks. So you think better with him alone even in the un-cycled tank than in the smaller tank with the nano fish that is cycled? I can move some filter media to my empty tank and hopefully that creates an instant cycle.


yea move him out because his immune system will be weaker and his slime coat is open and it can create infection and disease its better to lose one then all
yea move a little filter media he is a small fish so it wont be too much of a ammonia spike but I would still do 40% water changes every other day to keep him clean

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