Inherited 3 Betta - Am I On The Right Track?

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Howdy Ya'lls, hope everyone is having a lovely evening.

In short, I have three Betta, hoping someone can take a glance at photos of them and let me know if they're looking healthy? ID of variety would be nice as well as any other things one might glean from a photo. Thanks

The long-version is a bit of a saga. You might want to grab some popcorn, this'll probably take a while...

While I don't consider myself a total n00b in the realm of aquariums, I know there are many many more knowledge minds out there, and it is to those minds I direct my plea for advice and/or reassurance.

I found myself with little warning the new caretaker of three Betta - a gorgeous silver "Dragon" somethingorother, a handsome if generic red veil tail, and a tiny blue juvenile, supposedly mail veiltail. They were fresh from the PetCo and housed in one of those 2.6gal "Betta Falls" tanks that, according to half the internet, are some sort of medieval torture device. And since I didn't exactly have three cycled tanks ready for new occupants, I found out pretty quickly what the hullaballoo was about (that's a story for another time) to the misfortune of the poor occupants. Some MacGyver modifications and I no longer dread walking to the tank finding more carnage.

Current tank conditions while my other tanks cycle up: 2.6gal, divided, filtered, Betta Falls. 78* Fahrenheit. I modified the filter and got the flow down as low as I could but I know its still not optimal, especially with the sparse decor, since there was significant damage done to fins on arrival as they were tossed about by the high current. Daily turkey baster to remove waste; fed 2x day(ish) with the filter off for about 30 min so they can actually catch the food - basic red pellets, Tetra brand I think, yellow jar.

To my inexperienced eye, it seems fins and scales and tails have all healed nicely. No lethargy, energetic eating. But are they too fat? Too skinny? Am I missing something? It seems like they want to eat much more than the "4-6 pellets" recommended on the can, they scarf them down so quick! (boy was I surprised to hear them "chewing")

Biggest concern is little Blue... Sometimes it looks like there are stripes that randomly appear? I've read these could be fear stripes but its so frequent I'm hoping that isn't the case, and I haven't identified any common factors between times I see stripes vs times there are none.

Enough blabbing, gaze upon my fishy minions and scold me as necessary!

....and curse you technology, hopefully I can come back and edit this to add the photos momentarily!

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Yay! Welcome to the world of Bettas! Though I think you'll find sooner or later that the "minion" here is you

Depending on which direction the stripes run they can be either stress (fear) stripes or breeding stripes.

I look forward to pictures

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WELCOME to Fishlore!!!

Can't wait for pics!
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hmm can't seem to edit, here's one photo of each to start!

Working on getting some better pictures to post...


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That last one is a girl and I can see her breeding stripes! She must like the boys
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That last one is a girl and I can see her breeding stripes! She must like the boys
ah well that explains why her fins haven't gotten much bigger! Might also be why she didn't get totally beat up the few times she ended up getting swept into one of the boys' tanks? Wasn't a fair fight and she definitely lost but I was impressed she wasn't killed being so much smaller. I suppose sharing water with the boys is the cause for the stripes? some phermone equivalent or similar, perhaps, since they are physically and visually isolated.

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