1. j

    jertan98 Member Member

    I have a 22g guppy breeding tank and I saw a few really really tiny transparent specks swimming around the tank. They look like really tiny tadpoles as they seemed to have a really small tail. Is this infusoria? I know its beneficial to my guppy fry when my female does drop so how would I keep them alive and continue populating my tank?

    I have plants like xmas moss, java ferns, marimo balls and hornwort in my tank. I think it probably came from the hornwort. I have 2 fancy guppies, 15 RCS and 2 CPOs too.
  2. BeanFish

    BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    Infusoria is microscopic. If you could post a pic we could maybe help ID the thing.
  3. OP

    jertan98 Member Member

    i wish i could but it was too small to be seen on cam! hahahaha