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we have a 125 gallon tank with 20 convict cichlids And three firemouths. We sold all the convicts and just left the firemouths now the bigger firemouth (think it’s a male) is going after the other two. Is it because there the only fish left in the tank ? And do we have to remove him? We have a another tank with 3 severums and 2 electric blue Acara. Could we put him in with them ? Thank you


It is probably him now being the dominant fish, I had a male convict who was the same, I put him in the big tank with the oscars, Bp and severum and he has settled down considerably. He had a go at the severum who is 3 times his size got one big wallop and swam off sulking he now has his own territories under some logs and acts all tough until the severum comes around and he sulks back behind the rocks.


Firemouths do better in larger groups. If you plan on keeping them, add more to your existing three.
FM aggression toward each other is usually harmless, more bark than bite.
Gill flaring is just a normal part of the FM heirarchy game.

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