Info on Marineland Natural Daylight F15T8/18"

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    ChiLady Valued Member Member

    I am trying to replace my light for my tank, but because it is an older hood I am having a hard time finding the light I need. What I am looking for is Marineland Natural Daylight F15T8/18". Does anyone know where I can find this light? Can you use a light that isn’t made by this product but that has the same measurements? I have found other lights in this size just not made by Marineland. I don’t want to buy it though if it wont fit.
  2. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning,

    Hopefully you will receive some responses soon.

  3. fresh water

    fresh water Valued Member Member

    as long as the watt's, the 18"
    lenght are the same and make sure it's a T-8 you will be fine. I like to buy them at Petsmart that way if i dont like the color or brightness you can just return them
  4. OP

    ChiLady Valued Member Member

    Thanks for the help, I plan on going into town and getting these this afternoon. God bless