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ok since no where can I find any decent info (besides how to cook them) on bamboo shrimp i've decided to help out anyone else who happens to have one.

1) they are filter feeders (most can figure that out)
2) so far pretty non-aggressive
3) Not the most active in the world
4) very mischievious (there will be a story at the end)
5) they hate sudden bright lights with a passion (trust me mine when nuts)
.....that is all I can think of right now if anyone else has any info feel free to add and Moderators if this goes against some rule please let me know and I appologize ahead of time :)


My Bamboo shrimp every time I have left the tank for a minute or two once it was to get some food I had delivered, they were hidding in some obsure place under a leaf, behind the filter intake, and others they are highly mischievious mine keep trying to crawl up the filter intake to see what is up there I don't like that idea tho its a thing....right now my little one is eating on my heater yes my heater definatally a **** moment tho anyway they are always fun to try and find and if u have a territorial betta he will rat them out InarI discovered that I don't like them on the filter intake so now every time one of them crawls up there he swims next to it and flares as if to say look look look here they are better catch them anyway I will try and submit a picture as well but like I mentioned when I tried to turn my tank light on for a pic my larger bamboo shrimp went absolutely nuts so if possible once lights out keep them out!!!

hope this helps and gets someone a good laugh anyway



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Do any1 sell them in Australia??? I can't find ANY shrimps for sale in Australia... :-\

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