info about glofish please


I have just come across a picture of glofish and I love them! ive just started to do a bit of research on them and quickly disscover a few things that I would like to know if anyone knows about. Firstly can you buy glofish in England? I only ask because I just read something that they are illigal in some countrys? can anyone let me know anything they know about the glofish, would be much appreciated,



Here's a link to the GloFish website. I think they are genetically modified zebra danios.


I believe that as genetically modified fish there are not legal to own in the UK.

They are basically just Zebra Danios. Here's a link with all you could ever want to know about them...

I had some several years ago for the grand kids and they were an easy to care for, hardy fish.



Yeah, not sold in the UK, as far as I know. Sorry!


I see them at Wal-Mart all of time but their fish carry diseases,etc.


you aren't missing out on much, it's just a fad. I think there are many countries and provinces against these fish because of they were originally injected with jellyfish DNA to get these fluorescent colors. The problem is, when they breed, they transfer these genetics to the next generation, so you can see what kind of problem that would pose if there was a large enough foothold in the wild stock of these fish.

There are plenty of completely natural alternatives that haven't been frankesteined.


I believe the website says that they were originally intended to be indicators of whether or not wild water conditions were good. I might have seen that somewhere else or they may just trying to make themselves sound better. I don't know if you can get them or not in England but be ready to pay a bit more because I think they are patented or something.

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