Inflamed Gills On Betta

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    SpottedOtter New Member Member


    I just noticed my betta has a very puffy gill on one side. The inner bit that normally is tucked up is drooping out, and his scales on the gill are sticking up a bit. I've taken photos but they're too big to upload so I'll add them in a bit.

    I did a check of water parameters as soon as I noticed. Ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate are all 0 and pH is 7.8 (normal for where I am). He's in a 38L with 5 ember tetras as tank mates.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what it could be and how I can treat him?
  2. Caitlin86

    Caitlin86 Well Known Member Member

    Ur tank isnt cycled if ur nitrates r at 0. Could u provide pics?
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    SpottedOtter New Member Member