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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Chandell, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. ChandellValued MemberMember

    916E78EC-1CDD-48AF-969B-D096F24AC8BB.jpegD93EE0E4-0A59-4B1E-8F34-E19CB22917AE.jpeg851D962A-7A0E-416A-B027-FD8DA7F1914C.jpegD1F5F2E3-C168-4BCB-85F0-075C5561A7A7.jpeg I don’t have much experience with bettas. I’ve had this little guy for about a month now. I feel like he may have some fin rot and bloating. Suggestions on how my betta looks are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
  2. Iverg1Well Known MemberMember

    It looks like you have some slight bloating feed him a pea he’ll be fine if it gets worse consider fasting him for a day. Can’t tell with the fin rot though

  3. FriarThomasIIIWell Known MemberMember

    Can't tell if there's fin rot, but I'd feed him a blanched pea. Also, I'd get some duckweed to make him feel safer and happier, as well as some real plants for him to move through, and your light looks like it could support him.

  4. ChandellValued MemberMember

    Thanks. I do feed him peas every now and then. It’s hard to fast him because I have cories and I’ve even seen him eating the food from the bottom of the tank (softened pellets) I usually feed him 2-3 peas, should I only feed him 1?

    There are a few real plants in there and I have more in my quarantine tank right now that I will be transferring today. My real plants don’t seem to last long. I don’t k ow what duckweed is and I don’t know what you mean about my light supporting him? Please explain

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  5. FriarThomasIIIWell Known MemberMember

    By the light, I mean supporting any nice plants you want to put in there. Duckweed is a plant that floats on the top of the tank and is also called Salvinia. It helps with nitrates and also subdues the lighting, which the betta will love and also use to make his bubble nest. I'd get some hardy plants like java moss and java fern, or amazon swords. Plants like those last a long time and don't tend to melt.
  6. Abby565Valued MemberMember

    I think he is eating too much because of eating the Cory food. Try fasting all the fish for a few days. And yes, you should only feed him 1 pea, and only when he is bloated.
    How big is the tank and how many cories are there.
  7. GrayGray4231Well Known MemberMember

    I don't think he has finrot but has minor bloating, feed him a shelled pea.
  8. ChandellValued MemberMember

    Perfect. Thank you I am off the to the pet store although I’m not sure if they carry those plants

    My tank is 38 gallon and I have six cories. I have heard to feed him a pea once a week. So you say only to feed him a pea if he is bloated?

    Good to know about the fin rot. Thanks
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  9. GrayGray4231Well Known MemberMember

  10. ChandellValued MemberMember

    Thank you
  11. Mom2someWell Known MemberMember

    Very pretty fish!
  12. PlatyarelifeWell Known MemberMember

    Looking at the white on his fins, I'd say he's starting to get fin rot. I got a veil tail that looks exactly like yours and he's had fin rot twice, both times his fins started turning white like that, it's the fin tissues dying. Do water changes often, make sure the filter is cleaned. You can try an Indian Almond Leaf or use Betta Fix. The 3 times I've had to deal with fin rot Betta fix and water changes cleared it up super fast and the fins grew back quickly. Despite what some will say Betta fix is harmless and won't hurt your fish, it works really well. Just add the correct dosage if that's what you choose to do.
    In the case of my betta looking like yours when his fins started to heal the edges of his fins would turn dark blue and the white would fade back to blue. It's the new fin growth coming back and the betta regaining his fin color.
  13. ChandellValued MemberMember

    Thank you!

    Thanks. I’ve read about the white tips meaning fin rot as well. I do 50% water change once a week but when it comes to the filter I don’t think I’m doing a good job. It almost looks like it’s falling apart so I added another filter so eventually I can take the other one out. I rinse it about once a month in the tank water (in pail) but it looks pretty gross. I’m not really sure what to do I don’t like to touch it because I feel like it will fall apart.
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  14. PlatyarelifeWell Known MemberMember

    What type of filter do you have? Filters can be a pain in the booty to maintain. Sounds like you're doing good on water changes.
  15. ChandellValued MemberMember

    I have a Marineland bio wheel 33CA71E4-053E-4772-895E-600D4097F474.jpegCCA9499C-D35A-4048-99FE-C7CC95F50D06.jpeg
  16. McasellaFishlore VIPMember

    White is a sign of growth (clear to white is the coloring of new growth, it colors after growing). He looks fine, a little chubby. You can try feeding the cories after lights have been out for a while at night (it will keep the betta from finding them as easily, however it needs to be dark in the tank), the cories find food with their whiskers, so they will be fine.
  17. ChandellValued MemberMember

    Great advice, will do! Thanks a bunch!
  18. PlatyarelifeWell Known MemberMember

    I disagree full heartedly on white meaning new growth. Every time my bettas fins when white they lost that part of their fin from fin rot. That white is the tissue dies and the fin no longer having any color. My betta's fins are still growing back from last fin rot attack and the fins are dark blue and growing big and full. I have heard about that "white means new growth" from a few people on here and it may have to do with betta color but it most certainly isn't true for all betta.
  19. AlgonquinWell Known MemberMember

    Just adding a quick note about the pea... Bettas are carnivores, and don't eat 'veggies' as part of their natural diet. Only feed the pea if he seems bloated or constipated, as it will help him pass what's blocking him up. Not as a regular part of his diet though :)
    Daphnia can help keep things moving too - that can be a regular part of his diet.
  20. ChandellValued MemberMember

    I will be adding an additional water change to my weekly ones and keeping and eye on him thanks. I’m pretty sure I overfeeding him!

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