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I have a 270 litre (about 70 gallons) aquarium with 15 cherry barbs. I've had them for nearly two months now, and they've been in my main tank for three weeks. The cherry barbs have always been very active when I've looked in, as long as both lights are on (they mostly hide when the first light turns off, even though the second turns off a few hours later).

This morning I noticed a cherry barb hovering around underneath some plants around some roots coming out of the substrate. It didn't come out when I fed the tank, and was still there 30 minutes later. I figured it might be caught in the roots, so I moved the plant a bit to give it room to swim out. It swam out a little but, then just hovered in a spot above the substrate for a few minutes, then went back to its original spot. I went to have a look this afternoon, and it was still hovering there around the same spot.

Note that the area around the spot is a favourite of all the cherry barbs. I added a crypt to the corner of the tank list week, and they immediately decided it would be their hotel, as they're always swimming around and through it, and sheltering under it at night. However, when I get too close to the corner of the tank where the crypt is, the other cherry barbs swim away and hide, whereas this cherry barb doesn't appear to notice.

Nitrites and nitrates are both 0. I finished off my ammonia test kit last week unfortunately, but I assume it would also be zero since the nitrites are zero and the tank is heavily planted and, for the moment, understocked. The cherry barbs are the only fish in the aquarium, though I added 10 shrimp last week.

The other cherry barbs have remained very active. This cherry barb isn't completely inactive - it sometimes rotates around and will swim a few centimetres away from this spot; but it has remained around there all day. It's a stark contrast to the other cherry barbs, which don't want to sit still in and are always chasing each other when the lights are on.

Some videos:
(there are two cherry barbs with this behaviour in the video, though one swam somewhere else shortly after I stopped recording - I think the one I'm talking about is the one on the left)

Does anyone know what could be wrong?
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She's still hanging around the same spot today. She is eating though - when I feed the tank, the food will slowly make its wait through the plants to the corner, and she eats a few pieces as they go by. I doesn't seem like much though. It's possible nothing is wrong, just that she really likes that one part of the tank and won't move much for whatever reason. I'll keep watching.

I have fish in quarantine I was planning on adding to the main tank tomorrow. The other cherry barbs are acting normal, so I don't think it's a disease, so I'll go ahead and add the fish to the tank.
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