Indian Almond Leaves

  1. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    I just recently got some IAL and am trying it for the first time. How long does it usually take to release tannins and see it color the water a bit?
  2. VioletSS Member Member

    I read on another recent thread someone said about 3 days.

  3. Fanatic Well Known Member Member

    Was that me who said it?
    It usually takes 3 days for you to notice any color change, but it won't be until a full week till there's a major change.
    Also depends on the size of the piece you put in.
  4. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    And the amount water it is in !

  5. DuaneV Well Known Member Member

    You can speed up the process too. Boil 3-4 leaves in about 2 gallons of water. Put the water in the fridge and keep checking the temp every couple hours then dump it in your tank. This is how I do I with my blackwater tanks.
  6. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    So do you put the leaves AND the water in the fridge to cool once it's done boiling or do you throw away the leaves and just use the water?
  7. DuaneV Well Known Member Member

    I take the leaves out and put them in a pan of cool water, then drop them in the tank a little later. I like the bottom of my amazon tanks to be leaf litter. I think it looks better.

  8. jl_1005 Member Member

    If you tear up the leave it releases faster