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Discussion in 'Snails' started by Icey, Jul 16, 2014.

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    Hello fish lore. One of my friends has 2 55 gallon fish tanks. And her red turquoise discus died. She only had the discus and 8 peppered Cory catfish 1 austrailian rainbow and 12 danios. She doesn't have a fishlore account and nor wants one and asked me if she would be able to stock it with golden inca or black mystery snails she saw at the fish store the other day. I said I will ask my friends so I came here to ask can golden inca snails live with austrailian rainbows danios and peppered Cory catfish (forgot to mention they are longfin zebra danios) thank you plz respond as soon as possible
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    I would think that if your friend wishes to keep discus again, she should do so by keeping them in a group of no less then 3, and keep all other very swift, boisterous fish like zebra danios away from them.
    Cardinal tetras might be a good option.
    As for the snails, I am not aware of anything that would prohibit keeping either variety with any fish, other then that both produce copious amounts of waste, and are therefore not likely candidates to share an aquarium with any fish species especially sensitive to water quality.-rick
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  4. Junne

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    The snails should be fine but I must caution you ( this is from personal experience ) that they do breed and will lay egg clutches from time to time. The only way to get rid of the eggs ( if you don't want the possibility of having 100 + babies ) is to remove them as soon as the females lay them. So definitely something to think about if she wants to have mystery snails/inca snails, etc

    I have had at any given time 30 + mystery snails ( plus 20 or so fish ) in my 36 gallon with no problem with high Nitrates, etc. But then again, I was doing a 50% water change EVERY week.

    Alternatively, she could get some Nerite snails ( they are very pretty and many patterns to choose from ) and they stay relatively small with no chance of breeding in a fresh water tank. They will however lay eggs but they will not hatch unless you have a brackish set up.

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