Ok this is kind of nasty but I'm wondering what is going on with him now!!! InarI let loose earilier today and well pooped (finally he's been fighting constipation for some time now) it was a big ol' thing I didn't think his little body could release something like that!! When I went to pick it out with a pair of tweezers (unfiltered don't want to have to do a full water change until friday unless I have to) I noticed that there was whole undigested food. what should I do and is this normal after constipation?


My guys have both done that too. Have you been doing the veggie fast or did you? I would just keep an eye on him and really watch the feedings. I've been waiting 15-20 seconds between pellets and that has really helped my guys chew better and they haven't been as "grabby" with their food either.

Keep us posted.
The whole food means that he is simply swallowing his food whole because he is eating too fast. You will have to handfeed the pellets one at a time to make him chew them. If you just put 3 or 4 pellets in the tank he is going to gulp them down whole and there are several of us who already have had to deal with the horrible constipation that this causes. (and it sounds like you are too) It is good that it is going through or it would kill him as constipation does and will kill Bettas frequently. Poor little buddy, he is probably going to be a little sore for a while. I would give him a day to fast and not have to worry about more food to clog him up.

Keep us informed and let us know if anything else develops.

are u saying a complete 24 hr fast no food and no peas? I'm just making sure and I'm glad that is associated with constipations because he has been getting veggies to take care of it...I was sure if it was working at all, Well now I know it was working!! ;D and yes I will keep u posted he is doing better tho he looks a bit miserable tho I think anyone would be if they let something that large go :-s
Yes nothing no peas or anything for 24 hours to give him a chance to get over being so sore. He will be okay tomorrow to eat a little bit but s-l-o-w-l-y to make sure he chews his food. He is still going to need to have peas for a "treat" a couple of times a week as Bettas who have been constipated do tend to do it again very easily so he can have Betta sized meals twice a day of pellets or worms but he still needs the peas. Let it be a game and a special time for the two of you to get together over a little frozen pea. Sound like fun?


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