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    Hi. We have more Endler's hybrids than we know what to do with. This ROAK is for people in the Hartford CT/Springfield MA area only because I am antsy about shipping (sorry, never done it).

    We received these little guys with the understanding that they are NOT pure Endler's...they are hybrids and not suited for a purebred breeding project. The females most often throw black bar type and some chili. The tails are varied, with top and bottom colors of oranges, yellows and a few random bottom swords. They are fun little fish, goofy and active in the top, mid and bottom levels of our 10 and 15 gallon tanks. My son loves them but we just have too many and we would like to share them with someone. We are looking to gift about 10 to 15 males to someone in our area.

    We also have a bunch of ramshorn snails that would love a new tank to explore. You can have from 5 to 20 of these little guys for your tank.

    Plus...yes, there is more...we have had a number of RCS born in our 15 gallon (thanks for those awesome critters LyndaB!) and I could net about five of those if you are interested.

    Rules...established freshwater tanks large fish that will pick on the Endler's or eat the shrimp. Now, all you have to do is post your favorite Holiday joke...kid friendly please since my kiddo will be reading them to pick his favorite as the winner. ROAK ends on Thursday, December 6 at 5pm. Exchange of fishies would be Friday, 12/7 or Saturday, 12/8.

    edit: added pics


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  2. aquaticValued MemberMember

    What do librarians use when they go fishing? Bookworms! :;rudolph
  3. iwrmValued MemberMember

    Only a short time left till this RAOK is over

    Just a reminder that the RAOK will end tonight...and since the females are still dropping fry...I have enough for two winners.
  4. Steve106Valued MemberMember

    Elves make sandwiches with what type of bread? shortbread!
  5. iwrmValued MemberMember

    PMing both winners. Thanks for participating.
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