In need of a new betta :(


Hello everyone! Hope y'all are having a good week.

A couple of days ago, my beautiful king betta passed away in the night in his favorite resting spot. (Under his short Anubis plant)(Poor baby was old)
So in a couple of weeks (once I've got the chance to do a thorough clean and make sure that there is nothing gross left behind), I'll be ready for a new betta boi.

This is where y'all come in; I need a name and betta variant suggestions!

Tank specs:
-Temp is 80° F
-Couple small Anubis plants
-Sand (white)(if that matters)
-Couple of smallish rocks (again, if that matters)

Things to keep in ming:
-I LOVE kois, halfmoons, kings, spadetails, and dumbos(elephant ears)
-I've only ever kept males, so I'm open to keeping a female.
-Baby betta?
-I dislike veiltails and crowntails. (No hate towards them, just don't find them as appealing.)
-I'm more inclined to buy bettas in pet stores because of the convenience and to save them from children and their grabby hands. I am willing to ship though.

*PS: When naming my fish, I go for respectful names or descriptive ones, however, when naming bettas- I go for memes ;)
*PPS: My last betta was named Moto Moto, lol.

Thanks in advance :)


I've rarely been able to walk into a shop stocking Bettas with a particular type in mind and then actually walk out with exactly what I intended to buy. Something always happens- there's one I didn't think of that I fall in love with, there is one in need of rescue that I'm given for free, they don't have exactly what I want, and so on...

The only time I can think of that I actually walked into the shop and bought exactly what I intended to buy (a platinum crowntail), he died extremely suddenly with no symptoms of illness three days later- it was as though he had a heart attack or a seizure or something, as he was completely fine one moment and dead the next. I replaced him with the Betta in my avatar (whose name is Freddie Mercury), because I was so heartbroken that I wanted a fish that was as different from Ziggy Startdust the platinum crowntail as I could get. (My Bettas are always named after rock stars.)

For me, I guess it's bad luck to choose what I want in advance. For that reason my suggestion is to go to the shop with an open mind rather than deciding exactly what you want beforehand.
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