1. smedmonds Initiate Member

    To me in-line seems better being able to get it out of the aquarium. However my choices seem limited. I have a 110 tall gallon. Hydor 300 doesn't seem strong enough. I seen where someone added an adapter to hook up 2. Would this work well? Then there is the Ista brand? Only have seen this on Amazon, not many reviews so I'm a tad hesitant. Or I could say screw it and just go traditional. Thanks oh it's going to be hooked up to Fluval fx6
  2. mbkemp Member Member

    I have a hydor 300 on a 60. I love it. I think that might be a little small on a 110. A lot of factors like room temperature,winter temps, livestock, etc. I would think with gold fish and pepper cories no worries. Discus no way

  3. smedmonds Initiate Member

    Going with Angel community. Michigan winters here so I'm guessing it might not do it with one. I came across a picture where someone split the line and hooked up 2. Haven't been able to find that since I first saw it. Trying to see if others may have done it without trouble. May just go the traditional in the tank and have it hid with stuff. Thanks for taking time to respond!
  4. DanPlanted Member Member

    I wouldn't go for any of those Chinese no name heaters. I've never used them, but I always use either Aqueon Pro's or Cobalt Neo-Therms. The King of DIY posted a video on how to make your own in-line heater, that could be an option if your willing to do it yourself.

  5. smedmonds Initiate Member

    Thank you. Yes I'm steering clear of the Chinese no name ones. Will check out the DIY