Improving Aquarium Verticality

Discussion in 'Cherry Shrimp' started by Danimal6, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. Danimal6

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    I know that shrimp don't spend all of their time swimming around, they like to sit and chill, so how do I improve the use of my 10g tank space? I have some water sprite and a fairly large sponge filter in there now, but will that be enough? When I eventually get the tank cycled and add the shrimp, I don't want them to be crowded on the bottom. Any suggestions?
  2. MD_Plants

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    Get some Java Moss and make a nice carpet with it. It looks really nice and the shrimps Love it!
  3. Bithimala

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    The more plants and things to climb, the better :)
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    I have little terracotta plant pots in mine (which contain the aquasoil rather than have it completely cover the bottom of the tank-too messy) This helps with filling the tank as well as being easy to move around when I want to clean or 'redecorate'! Moss balls and Indian Almond Leaves are always good. I also have a Tower ornament, the most natural looking one that I could find, where the shrimp seem to sleep/hide when molting.
    All this also has the added advantage of hiding the sponge filter and heater to some extent, which is a bonus.
    I've recently added some cholla wood, so that's not in the picture, but they certainly love to investigate it!

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    Probably should've attached this from the get go, but this is what I'm working with so far. No judging please:)
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    Also, more plants sounds great, any good growers you all could suggest with my current setup?
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    Its a little hard to tell, but do you have moss in there? My shrimp loved it when i had a moss wall in there, so i would suggest a moss wall - with xmas 9r weeping looks nice!

    Another thing i would suggest is floating plants, the shrimp love hanging out on the roots.
  10. OP

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    Sorry about the poor quality! Moss and floating plants, gotcha. I'll try to figure out a good way to integrate them in. Any other suggestions? Thanks for all the responses so far!
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    Nice setup. What you have should be fine. As suggested though, moss and something floating is a plus. My shrimp love to hide and crawl on the Malaysian driftwood in my tanks.
    I made a small arch with a bottom out of a piece of plastic craft mesh sort of like a tunnel, and covered it with moss and stuck it to the back wall of my tank with a suction cup. The shrimp seem to like it.

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  12. Luciferene

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    Driftwood or tall rocks tied with moss could help. Also you could make moss wall on one side of the tank.

    There are a lot of plants that'll grow in low tech environment, it's more the question of accessibility. I would try looking at what your LFS has if they are reputable.