How Do I Improve The Efficiency Of The Marineland Emperor 400 Hob


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I use the Marineland Emperor 400 on my 46G bowfront display tank and two more on my 60G. There are two pre-loaded (carbon) filter pads and two plastic "fill with whatever" trays in each filter.
I alternate (right side/left side) changing the pads and trays every month. I always cut open the very top of the pad (blue fiber) and add ammonia remover to the carbon. I like the polishing and clear water I get from SeaChem Purigen. I got out my dremel tool and cut out all the dividers in the tray except the middle one. This allows two bags of Purigen to be put in tray. I fill the spaces in the tray with additional carbon. I have been doing this for a couple of years now and have had great water quality as a result. Obviously there's a lot more to water management and quality than filter media, but this is my filter regimen and keeps my cycle measurements constant and right where they belong.
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