Impossible surviver

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I found a platy fry that I cannot believe or understand how it survived.

2 weeks ago I saw a fry in my tank but after that I didn't see it again.

5 days ago, I removed all the fish out of the tank. The adults I gave to a friend, and put the 3 little 6-week old platies in a container that my betta came in. I then emptied my entire tank, removed all my plants, decorations, and the gravel. There wasn't a single drop of water left in the tank after I cleaned it. I rinsed my gravel with treated water and put everything back together and filled up the tank. I then put the 3 young platies back into the tank, I find it hard to believe that I accidentally netted the fry with the other little ones and that it survived the process and I never never saw this extra fish. I bought 3 new platies (all the same type, the whole point of this endevour so could get racially pure fry). I find it hard to believe I missed it in the bag from the store because I was trying to identify the gender of those fish.

But now I find this fry that looks to be about 2 weeks old, swimming merrily around. The only water that survived this whole process was in the filter, I kept it upright so I would keep the bacteria in there. It will be interesting to see if it looks like my old fish, if so, it is one **** of a tough, lucky, little fish
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wow, a nice little surprise. I have yet to venture into trying to breed, or even discerning the gender of my danios....
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he's a lucky little bugger then. I havn't had anything quite as extreme as that, but I have four incidences of unbelievable survival.
1. crayfish out of tank for 36 hours, 5 foot drop to floor.
2. three neons lived in the bottom of my filter (external eheim copy) for 1 month.
3. the intake on the filter came off, and four fish were in intake pipe almost all day (couldnt find them in tank before we went to work). turning the pump off, and eventually got them back into the tank.
4. kohlI loach lived in unpowered, unheated, and unfiltered juwel vision 180 for three days.
5. crayfish took bottom jaw off off of baby angel fish, and all fins. he is still recovering 3 months later, smaller than the rest but still growing. Jaw hasn't grown back but everything else is/ has.

that's my share of disasters. needless to say I have and continue to learn fast (crayfish in secure, and separate tank now as well)
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LOL ! Are you sure the crayfish is secure? ONE NIGHT.........!

Fish in the Frozen North 8)
sick-lid boy
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Speaking of impossible survivors... I have a ex-painted glassfish that must have 9 lives. Let's see... he survived the dye injection, survived a partial tank-cycling process when 13 other fish he was brought home with all died, then survived another full cycling process after I dumped out all the water and cleaned everything in the tank because all the fish died (right before I found this site and found out about the nitrate cycle), survived Lymphocystis virus, and survived a week in a one-gallon uncycled tank with nothing but an airstone. He's still going strong and has just about lost all of his fluorescent orange dye and is practically completely free of any lingering white spots from the Lymphocystis virus . (I didn't know he was dyed when I bought him)

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