Importing Live Fish, Ever Tried??

  1. SSJ

    SSJ Valued Member Member

    Guys..have u ever tried importing from Indonesia, China etc?? The rates are batcrazy high..and i am not eben sure if they will arrive safely till my place ,- India. One seller is selling guppies ranging from 35 -250$ not sure if its really worth all the pain. Any comments?
  2. Floundering_Around

    Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    Where exactly do you live? If you're in the states, there is no reason to import directly from another country with no middle man. More info please
  3. david1978

    david1978 Fishlore VIP Member

    op mentioned india in original post.

  4. cody2posh

    cody2posh Valued Member Member

    As someone who's crazy about guppies, any pics you can provide? I'm pretty desperate to see what a $250 guppy looks like!
  5. FlipFlopFishFlake

    FlipFlopFishFlake Well Known Member Member

    The risk is that when shipping overseas often there is no live arrival guarantees, and due to the long distance and stressful journey, it is more likely than shipments from one's own area.
  6. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    You might want to get in contact with transhippers in your country and look at their prices and success rates.
  7. OP

    SSJ Valued Member Member

    Lol..yeah..he sent me some.. check this one 0b7af134b40e354d1953e4881bb42b7b.jpg

    I am a bit confused when it comes to transhippers..are they like normal courier people?

    Agree to that. I did order some from another city..want to see how it goes. $12 for three male blue topaz. Will upload pics when i recieve them
  8. Dave125g

    Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    Usually 2-3 day shipping we get stateside is fine when done correctly. Overseas shipping can take a week or more. If you plan on paying 135 bucks ,I'd want some kind of guarantee.
  9. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Transhippers are people who specifically help bring fish into the country and get them to you.
  10. cody2posh

    cody2posh Valued Member Member

    Holy expletive! That is one gorgeous fish! Any more pics?? My app just notified me of your post so sorry for the late response.

    When my girlfriend gets home I'll have to borrow her phone (bought her the new iPhone and the camera is amazing) and show some pics of these cobraskins I've been working on. They're a silver/white-to-purple cobraskin pattern with a purple patch between the most vibrant red-orange dorsal and tailfin, tail complete with cobraskin pattern as well. My camera just won't do it justice, but I'm pretty proud :)

    I'm currently raising fry from him and a female of the same strain and then him and a yellow/blue cobraskin female and I'm super excited to see the results. The hybrids are just starting to hit the age that colors are starting to show!
  11. OP

    SSJ Valued Member Member

    Sure, let me fetch more pixs. If u want i can share his contact, try ordering.. though no guarantee here...and i believe they take the payment in advance
  12. cody2posh

    cody2posh Valued Member Member

    Most definitely!
  13. OP

    SSJ Valued Member Member

    Here you go. Let me know if you plan to order..quite curious if this would work. He said it would take a day to reach your country, rest of the job depends on transhipper 42b25267e250648d57940f75c1dda73d.jpg 37f00b56169a4b852fd1590b5a116a01.jpg 81169a8f1745674eee2637ed6e1d1d60.jpg c91013e0bc0ee56439aa2170bb0ad7f1.jpg 0298caf0cde2216f4b43b6b51fc948f9.jpg 74ad8c85e0e3c2aeb3ca458fe3c8493d.jpg 8bd04d21aa2635ca3f6b5a205c5b8df7.jpg 5de011a3841581ddb521827d37c2c410.jpg 3de59ec3e100a573a7d00964ad3da1d2.jpg
  14. cody2posh

    cody2posh Valued Member Member

    Wow I just saw this (just switched to an app to manage my forum posting) these things are incredible, especially the blue ivory lace I believe it was? I probably won't order just because I'm work on a few things of my own

    Check out my album or some of my posts, I actually need help naming these orange/purple cobraskin hybrids Ive been working on, super cool looking fish, I'll have more pics up soon and I sell as well, PLUS I'm domestic

    By the way ever seen a guy like this one? I know it's blurry but it's the best I have right now (the orange purple bicolor cobraskin) 7a181a1ca422f7e9bab85ba837d15d98.jpg