Importing Bettas

  1. ajint boo

    ajint boo Member Member

    I have been watching the list of Bettas for sale on Aquabid and I've noticed the nicer looking fish are all located overseas. I have a couple of questions:
    1. If you have a fish imported is the quality as good as seen in the pictures?
    2. On the average how much does a trans shipper in the US cost?
    3. Is it worth the trouble and stress having a fish shipped from half way around the world?

  2. Kalyn

    Kalyn Member Member

    Hello! My betta came from overseas. He is just as beautiful as I believed him to be, though by the time he arrived his koi pattern was almost completely marbled away.

    He was a little too expensive - $45 - but he is also magnificent colors, soooo. Transhipping came out to about $30. If I had understood the transhipping cost beforehand.... I might not have gotten him. Additionally due to scheduling, seller mistakes and transhipper life conflicts it took him 2 Months to arrive. I paid for him in early February and got him April 8. I missed a significant part of his transition into adulthood. :(

    It's much easier mentally to buy from sellers in the US or even/especially use sellers who also sell,imported bettas. :) sometimes they pair up with international breeders! Prism bettas is an example of these. I got some fish from her in May, and recieved the beautiful bettas within a week. :) Gotta go :) hope that helps!

    Eugene fish store is also one of my favorites. :)