Importance And Value Of A Local Club

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ashenwelt, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. ashenweltWell Known MemberMember

    Hello all,

    You will often see coments about using a local club. So I am in two, and on the fringe of two more.

    Tonight San Diego Tropical Fish Society had one of their two big auction from club members to club members.

    I sold some water wisteria, anacharis and duckweed. I ended up buying some vallisneria, hygrow compacta and a trio of precox rainbows.

    Clubs support the aquariasts. I would urge each of you to check out a local club.

    Learn, trade and chat.
  2. AWheelerWell Known MemberMember

    ^ This is why I am moving out of my area and out towards your neck of the woods in 2-3 years!

  3. chromedome52Fishlore VIPMember

    I agree wholeheartedly, if you have a local club, check it out, "local" being a relative term. I have been a member of four local clubs, not all at one time, and none was less than an hour drive. There are a lot of good clubs out there, but there are also a lot of clubs that are dying out. If a club is active and healthy, it is quickly obvious. Ordinarily you are allowed to visit without joining for two or three meetings, which gives you an opportunity to make sure what you saw on your first visit was not a low point, or for that matter, a high.

    It is more than just what you can buy and/sell, it is also an opportunity to learn by actually talking to people with your mouth instead of your fingers. (I need to find an emoticon with a pair of hands where the mouth is supposed to be!) Socialization has changed a lot in the last decade or so, and it helps to actually deal with people face to face.

    When I first got into a fish club, it was also a way to meet known experts from far away without having to pay a lot of money. Now the "experts" are the ones with the slickest looking Youtube videos. Can't ask questions of a video.

  4. ashenweltWell Known MemberMember

    What area are you looking at?

    Also everyone, things that you learn from a club (and one of mine covers all of southern California).

    1. What fish you simply cannot use local tap water for (like mine with gh of 400 ppm base).
    2. When the local water providers dump bad stuff in the water (like 15ppm nitrite last year).
    3. People who you can chat with about fish or plants or breeding etc.

  5. MelPaulATLValued MemberMember

    Hmm. Ironic you posted this. Not going to ask why.
    My Recent outings, unfortunately revealed just how deep and backward the local club/s.... can be.
    Wish I had attended b4 I paid my money.
    I can personally attest that there ARE sick clubs. I'm now back to looking for support, edumacation, from a couple of folks I met, but, for most part,,,,,,I am back to what's on the net.
    Thank you for the platform. After my outing, I was so upset, making sure i was not just being a pain, i contacted an international club, shared my concerns and shockingly , one of their board members shared a story of harrassment and bullying toward his wife, an international speaker, no less......and the masaginistic verbalizations by
    a local club member here, when that international club tried to work with the local to put on an expo.
    That club has 3 board members aware of the local shenanigans and encouraged me to vent on their FB page.
    My dilemma now, is what do I do with that information.

    So, now that I have vomited that...
    If no local, what do you suggest? Evidently closest club is hours away.
    Do you have websites?
    Clubs that ARE member focused?

    Thanx .
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  6. chrmgoValued MemberMember

    I would love to join a local club however there are none available anywhere near me that is why I find websites to be very valuable
  7. ashenweltWell Known MemberMember

    Well what type of club was it? The fact is most will ignore past issues if you try and work for positive change. Otherwise look for a local club with specializations. One example is a killifish club or an aquascape club.

    Be open minded. And listen initially. Then if all else fails... Travel or make your own club.

    Just my thoughts.

    Where are you at?
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  8. chrmgoValued MemberMember

    Pittsburg Kansas
  9. MelPaulATLValued MemberMember

    I tried. They claim it IS an Aquarium club. To me. That means anything that goes into a tank.
    I joined in a forum and gave my 2cents. Asked some ??

    There are a couple folks I met that concur. "Just the way it is"....

    Been told. Too. By local owner. Lots of men chasing women. Breaking up households.
    Seems the toxicness runs deep. Older folks who have no desire to change anything. And they are mean. Ornary. NOT open to any change.

    Mostly fish only club member bragged about the endangered species he had in his bag he held up for auction.

    and they claim the planted folks/interest is one board member put it...comes in "ebb and flow" there fore no need to ramp up the planted info. But....a java on slate sold for 15. A crypt...JUST one. Sold..I bot it.for 14.

    So. How does one start a new club?
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  10. ashenweltWell Known MemberMember

    Closest looks like Kansas City though I wouldn't be supprises if there were some killifish people in the area.

    You might join the KC club and ask around if the want to start a printer group closer.

    They probably have a facebook group.

    So a few things.

    Most clubs do end up with some drama... Your only a part of the drama if you want to be in most cases. I would just stay out of them. I may skip a club like that honestly.

    Some of the fish we raise are endangered or even extinct in the wild. Some people just need to chill on bragging. An example is killifish. Some you can even order on eBay are officially endangered. Even on the red list it actually mentions a backup population in aquaria. Heck some endlers are even extinct in the wild.

    Clubs tend to focus around stores or people. You may want to talk to an LFS and try to get them to host a new group. Or at least hold flyers. But I would probably start with a Facebook group.

    Just thoughts spilling out...
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  11. MelPaulATLValued MemberMember

    Thanks. I appreciate the feedback. It's just been such a shock. I was sickened.
    ""some drama""....
    No honey....try dripping with....

    The "endangered/extinct" issues, I understand. I just chose not to keep those fishes. I am an activist/environmentalist. I just had an issue w/ him bragging about it, on stage, in front of the entire group.

    You may want to talk to an LFS and try to get them to host a new group. Or at least hold flyers.
    Part of the problem. Sponsor of said club, is for most part, Fish focused. Lots of donations/involved heavily in club......
    and, made the comment in that post "I think ALL plants should be put in the buy only bin/place." - Yea, that probably makes sense to HIM, but what about all of those folks to raise/ baby/feed/ THOSE PLANTS.....bagged em up, brought them to auction.
    To be in such a big city, we have very FEW places/stores---to chose from. To go to.

    I am getting over the being shocked, then infuriated,,,,,,,,,,now just over it and want to look at options. Most of the folks are men, and seems they want no part of
    changing anything, trying to.....or saying anything for fear of getting called out.

    Older folks.....just have to wait, patiently.

    IF you know of anyone/ a plant lover/kingdom/society near me...PLEASE let me know.
    Ill check it out. Right now, Raleigh NC , ive been told is the closest.
    Really shocks me that there are NO Clubs within a decent proximity......that AT LEAST give the planted folks a platform/show us some respect :arghh:

    So, I'll consider the FB option. Not much on it/fb (enuf negative in our lives) these days, but I have been told, (that international society I consulted)...that FB is a good place for info, opinions. concerns.

    Thanks, ...I know this was a downer conversation. But, I really just wanted to express my feelings and see if I got any feedback, understanding.

    I'm a professional, was a single mom/raised 2 girls...I spent my career walking into situations that could explode, putting out fires, LISTENING to others and their concerns.
    I just was nOT expecting to find this kind of attitudes, --I was EXPECTING support; positive feedback from members, experienced Aquarist;;;;;;
    and there were a couple in that forum that were at least looking at the words written, options given.
    But, MOST of these folks are ......Older folks.....just have to wait, patiently, I guess.
    for them to go extinct.

    I should have stayed in CO, where ppl have more open minds.
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  12. ashenweltWell Known MemberMember

    Hey! Man here. Lol.

    If your focus is plants look for Aquatic Gardner's Association groups or other aquascaping clubs. Personally my tanks generally range from moderately planted to ... Where do the fish swim again?

    It isn't always the same group. Heck you may want to travel and do some aquascaping contests even.

    Good luck!
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  13. BriggsWell Known MemberMember

    Personally, I would try to quietly contact a few other members who agreed with you about the nastiness and see if they'd be interested in helping you start or joining a new club. Don't make people chose sides and try to avoid bad talking the current club too much as it'll just perpetuate the drama. Hopefully the people who are just in it for the hobby will gravitate towards the new club. Maybe put an emphasis on planted tanks or aquascaping if that's something the current club isn't interested in? Start a facebook page and put up links to resources and product reviews. Encourage other's to to do the same.

    SC only looks to have one major club, but it seems pretty quiet online and I haven't joined it yet. I've been meaning to look into Asheville and Atlanta, but maaaaaybe I'll avoid GA for now. If you do start a new club, let me know! I'm in the upstate of SC, so you're not super far from me.
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  14. MelPaulATLValued MemberMember

    Hey! Man here. Lol.---HUH??? you lost me. Unless you are insinuating I am a man basher, which I am NOT.
    I AM a basher, if you/man/men/women have not grown up, still think that harassment/bullying is ok. I have lost ALL patience w/ anyone who projects/talks/shows the same.
    and, yes, I know, men are bullied too. I have dealt with and helped many a man survive.

    lol. thanks. Actually, that "international club" i was referring to, earlier...the one I emailed, got the ATL Expo story from..... .....that IS the AGA....I WANNA GO TO CO TO PARTICIPATE!!
    MAN...that would be an awesome venue!!! right!!
    It's a yearly thing, right?
    Maybe, next year.
    and by then, ill have maybe,,,,lots of Planted Kingdom buddies to go with.
    almost booked 2 tickets...for my better half...he is much more calm than I CO.
    but, have 3 tanks cycling.

    thanks, "Man"...I really appreciate the ear.
    I just had to go thru my speech/process.
    I am not one to take no for an answer.
  15. ashenweltWell Known MemberMember

    I couldn't make Denver but I found another aquascape contest in Costa Mesa the same weekend lol.

    Oh and WPPA also throws aq uascaping contests through the year.
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  16. MelPaulATLValued MemberMember

    THANKS!!!! Briggs....THIS is what I am looking for.
    Seems men, do NOT want to dig down and get to bottom of things, uproot and throw it out.
    My husband is like that....just "let it go" he says.
    but, he DID agree w/ me and saw the messiness.

    No, I know..I have NO desire to try to change this club. I am NOT one, usually to go in and turn things upside down, Initially anyway.
    This group is many in numbers and they rule the forums/club.
    Way way too many negative vibes. And, I am way too old/meno/tired to stand still and take their messiness.
    I have a strong psyche background, so I know ignorant and stuck in rut when I see it and I know.
    as we used to say....
    'can't save them all'..

    I have reached out...politely, yet firmly to a few...younger guys in the club.
    One disappeared when I mentioned the mentality of the club..and he is very young.
    One said "its always been like this and they do not want to change, anything'
    One just ignored my complaints.

    One older member quipped,,,"is there really gossip on the AAAA. Ive been in since "blahblahyear" and have NEVER heard anything like this. Do tell"
    I laughed at that response, and not bothered to respond, yet.

    As above, I was told that Raleigh is the closest society - plant focused and described as "healthy folks"
    I am probably NOT going to drive that...anytime soon, anyway. I may watch it and see what gives. I also met a very nice woman on set/background/movie here and she lives in or near Blowing Rock.
    So...that MAY be an option to go stay with her and then go to meeting.

    Maybe WE should talk more...see where we can take this.

    thanks again, yall

    Oh and WPPA ---who??
    see, I have NOT A CLUE who that is.
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  17. BriggsWell Known MemberMember

    I suspect he was reacting to your use of the endearment 'honey', which is kind of a southernism and might sound feminine to people who aren't from around here. The way 'bless their heart' sounds positive.
  18. MelPaulATLValued MemberMember

    awwwww man.....
    How do you find the contests?
    Find the interesting places to go, look for?

    oh. lol. Yes, I am very southern. Sorry MAN.....
    did not mean to hurt your feelings.

    Have you looked into, or heard anything about the other club?
    Atl Reef Club?
    I'm gunshy now. and looks like several of the AAAA are also members of the ARC.
  19. BriggsWell Known MemberMember

    It seems like most of the really active and interesting clubs in the US are in CA, no fair! Is it because CA doesn't let people ship a lot of species of plants and animals there these says? I guess that would make for a kind of balance.

    I keep meaning to join the SCAA here in SC, but I missed their big yearly event by about a week and it seems pretty quiet the rest of the year.
  20. LucyModeratorModerator Member

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    We understand people get frustrated. However using insulting words to describe people of certain age will not be allowed.
    It can also be insulting of our older members here.

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