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I'm not sure if this would be considered funny...or just interesting.

About 30 years ago...I had an aquarium (don't remember the size...maybe 20 gallon). I had the aquarium for about 2 years at that point. I don't remember specifically what fish I had...probably Platies and Neons or some other community fish.

I found some sort of small crab at a fish store and thought it would look cool in my aquarium. Well..needless to say, he didn't want to stay in the aquarium. I constantly found him sitting on the back of the filter or on the rim of the tank...I tried everything to keep him contained. day...I couldn't find him. I assumed he escaped I searched everywhere...and I do mean...everywhere....all over the house trying to find him. Nothing...he was gone.

Fast forward a few months later, I was about to go away for the summer. My tank was down to only a couple of fish left...I gave them to a friend and then drained the tank completely. I didn't remove any of the gravel or decorations or even the filter. I just left it all as is.

I get back after my 2 month absence and really didn't do anything with the tank right away...I intended to try to set it up again I just left it as is.

One day...I happen to notice something moving in the tank...low an was the crab. He survived about 3 months in that dry tank...I have no idea where he disappeared to months earlier. But..there he was...alive and apparently well. I suspect there was some moisture still collected in various places in the tank...maybe even the filter...and he found something to eat amongst that.

I promptly added a little bit of water to the tank and removed everything he could crawl on to get out of the tank. He ended up surviving just fine. I don't really remember how long I had him after that...but he was amazing.

For any doubters....this is absolutely a true story.


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Yes that was interesting and I have no difficulty believing your experience with the crab.


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Makes me want a crab even more than I already did.... Just because they sound so cool!!!
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