Imba's Nano Tanks - 30l & 20l

  1. imba

    imba Valued Member Member

    Hi all!

    Found this awesome forum a few months ago and learnt a ton here! Just wanted to share my two nano tanks I have in my living room.

    I'm relatively new to fish keeping, as I just started a year or so. I started off with a 30L tank and then recently started another 20L tank. Both low tech, planted aquariums

    30L Aquamanta tank:
    Stocking: 1 Betta, 4 Corydoras Hastatus, 5 Darwin Algae Shrimp, small Nerite snail
    Temperature kept at 26 degrees

    My betta's name is Zeus! Really active little fish, and gets along really well with his tank mates. Some images of Zues.

    Earlier this year, I started another nano.

    20L Do Aqua tank with Aquaclear HOB:
    Stocking: 7 Whilte Cloud Mountain Minnows, 2 Darwin Algae Shrimp
    Temperature kept at 21 degrees

    Both tanks are overstocked, I know, but so far the fishes look healthy and everyfish seems happy. I do water changes very 5 - 7 days.

    The fishes are getting a rotation of NLS pellets, freeze dried blackworms, Repashy gel food and frozen brine shrimp. They also get a 1 fasting day every alternate week.

    Enjoying the hobby so far, any comments to improve are welcomed!
  2. Discus-Tang

    Discus-Tang Well Known Member Member

    Your scaping looks professional Wow!

    Your bettas are also really nice. Koi, right?

    I should mention that you will need a 76 litre tank for your cories and minnows. Once you have done that, add two more cories and they will be happy :)

    Also bump the temp up to about 25 degrees for the bettas, and 23-24 for the cories/ minnows.
  3. OP

    imba Valued Member Member

    Thanks Discus-Tang

    I actually re-homed the Cories during the weekend. Sold them on gumtree, and there are going to a much larger tank. It will miss them, but it was the right thing to do. :)

    In place of the departed cories, I've added 6 red cherry shrimps, some amazon frogbits and riccia fluitans to the 30L.

    Here are just some new pics...:)

    New red cherries ...

    Here are the cherries and DAS chowing down on some spinach I gave them

    Zeus checking out the new frogbit ...

    Zeus just hanging out with Nelly the Nerite :)
  4. Discus-Tang

    Discus-Tang Well Known Member Member

    A noble thing to do :)

    Love your scapes, they are way better than I could ever do!
  5. OP

    imba Valued Member Member

    Just an update on the 20 litre tank the past couple weeks.

    After seeking advice about stocking, I successfully found new homes for my White Clouds as well. The 20 litre is now housing some male endlers, that have settled in and actively swimming around. The endlers suit the scale of the scape much better, so hopefully this sausage fest of endlers do well!

    I've also upgraded the light on this tank to a Chihiros A series, and boy are these things bright! They have 5 brightness settings, and I currently have them on the 2nd dimmest setting, and it is still very bright! The endlers don't seem to mind it too much tho.

    Some frogbit was also added to provide some cover up top for the fishes and shrimps.