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Discussion in 'Air Pumps' started by GettinTanked, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. GettinTankedValued MemberMember

    So I bought an Imagitarium air pump and it came with airline tubing. I've been using it for a week or two. I was doing my wc on Saturday and noticed it felt really slimy. Then I noticed it was because it was like sloughing off an outer layer of slimy plastic. The instructions didn't say anything about pre-soaking it and I've never had to do that with my other airline tubing - is that a thing people do?
    I guess I'm going to try it.

    Now my fish are flashing. Can't be totally sure it's related, but my water parameters are excellent and plastic particles are probably not ideal for them.

    Also, this air pump is louder than the one I bought online for cheaper. Just throwing that in for anyone looking up this brand intending to buy.
  2. finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    Airline is made during hot layers. Is there driftwood in your tank? And what seems to be happening to the fish.
  3. GettinTankedValued MemberMember

    There is driftwood in my tank. Why? I feel like I'm about to learn something new haha
    The fish seem fine other than catching a couple of them flashing against things. Just caught two doing it last night in like a thirty second period, but I've never had any of the fish in my main tank do it before then or since then.
  4. finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    There is only one chemical that's in wood that feeds cyanobacteria. Their growth usually occurs on the wood. I've gotten posts where people complain about huge globs of snot growing on the wood. That particular chemical leaches out and sticks to other items in the tank where the cyanobacteria will also colonize as slime. They are harmless. The good news is that they grow so rapidly that they will eat all of the chemical very quickly and then starve to more slime. All it takes is patience and of course tolerance of the slime before the cyanobacteria all die.
  5. GettinTankedValued MemberMember

    The wood in my tank stopped sloughing slime some time ago. And it looked different. But this is a different medium for them, so maybe some surviving cyanobacteria are the culprit...
    I've put the tubing in straight dechlorinated tap water now to see if it continues to slough or not.
    Appreciate your input!
  6. DanPlantedValued MemberMember

    I doubt theirs anything wrong with the airline tubing. I believe Imagitarium (Petco Store Brand) airline is made by Lees Pet, which is one of the best selling most popular brands of airline tubing for many years.
  7. GettinTankedValued MemberMember

    Well that's nice to know.

    I already swapped out the tubing, and the new one has not been sloughing. Not sure why cyanobacteria would choose to colonize one and not the other. Fish tank mysteries.

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