Imagine you had a 75 gallon, freshwater, planted tank...

  1. cwb141 Member Member

    How would you stock the tank?

    Be as creative as you want.
    ~Well, as long as you're stocking list is reasonable (i.e. fish won't kill each other or be to big for tank).
  2. lorabell Well Known Member Member am a parrot fan!!!!!!!
  3. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    Haha :) lol

    I would go for,

    2 Koi angelfish

    15 serpae tetra

    10 panda corys

    1 brislenose pleco

    2 german blue rams

  4. Slug Well Known Member Member

    4-6 Discus (Wild)
    6+ Cories
    And some tetras.
  5. bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    1 Oscar (I kill plants anyways, I might as well have some help:))
  6. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    Herichthys Labridens.
  7. cwb141 Member Member

    it seems like most people like cichlids, not just this thread, but everywhere
  8. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    Is there anything better???
  9. cwb141 Member Member

    I had a good time keeping a golden retriever in a tank for a couple years.
  10. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    Alrighty then.....
  11. cwb141 Member Member

    - Ace Ventura
  12. JennDFK Member Member

    I have a bunch of rainbows in a 55 gallon. They are really beautiful. You can keep different species (with many different colored varieties) together in a mixed shoal. They are hardy and look really pretty in a planted tank. With as much space as you have, you could fit a quite a few. I would also add ottos or some type of pleco and a siamese algae eater to work clean up. Cichlids are cool and fun to watch, but they are not the only option for making a colorful tank.
    .... and dog hair clogs filters.
  13. cwb141 Member Member

    What kind of rainbows?

    Here's a list of the fish, shrimp, and snails I'm thinking about. I'm planning 2-3 of each rainbow, a school of rasboras 8-10, male and female blue ram, and 2-3 of each barb (barb's at a later date). 2 wood shrimp, 4 RCS, 4 Amano, 4 blue and 3 red nose. 1 of each snail.

    I guess I am technically having cichlids in my tank to. Here's to them having to be moved to a breeding tank!:;toast

    Shrimp: Amano (Caridina multidentata), RCS (Neocaridina heteropoda var. red), Bumble Bee (Caridina cf. breviata), CRS "S" (Caridina cf. cantonensis crystal red), Blue (Caridina ssp. blue), Wood/Fan (Atyopsis moluccensis), Red Nose (Caridina gracilirostris)

    Snails: Zebra "Thick Stripe" (Neritina natalensis sp. Zebra), Ruby Nerite (Neritina natalensis sp. Ruby), Blue Mystery (Pomacea bridgesii sp. Blue)

    Fish: Rainbowfish; Boesemani (Melanotaenia boesemani), Parkinson's (Melanotaenia parkinsoni), McCulloch's (Melanotaenia maccullochi), Lake Tebera (Melanotaenia herbertaxelrodi), Madagascar (Bedotia geayi). Rasboras; Harlequin (Trigonostigma heteromorpha), Lambchop (Trigonostigma espei), Galaxy (Celestichthys margaritatus). Barbs; Denison (Barbus denisonii), Five banded (Puntius pentazona). German Blue Ram Cichlid (Microgeophagus ramirezi, Apistogramma Ramerzii).
  14. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

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  15. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    Hello, just a warning, red cherry shrimp are likely to be eaten by a lot of the fish you would like to keep, I keep mine with guppies however I wouldnt keep them with anything bigger.
  16. cwb141 Member Member

    I've been researching all the fish and the ones I'm worried about with the shrimp are the rams and barbs. A LFS by me has amano shrimp with full grown rainbows in a displace and rasboras are fine. Do you have experience with rcs being harassed by rams or larger barbs? These specific barbs are very similar to the rainbows in terms of temperament, so I'm hoping they'll be fine. I'm sure they will be in a heavily planted 75 gallon.
  17. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    Well the only time I have kept barbs with my cherry shrimp is when I had 4 shrimp in my old 15G planted and then I decided as there were no fish I would spawn my odessa barb I only kept the barbs in the tank for aroundd 36 hours but I did see them interact with the shrimp, the barb would swim close to the shrimp and try and take a peck at it but the cherry shrimp are extremely fast
  18. cwb141 Member Member

    Is that one of the more aggressive barb species? I used to have tiger barbs and they were fin nippers, so I wouldn't doubt them checking out shrimp. Every profile for a denison barb has them being peaceful schooling fish. The rams seem to also be peaceful, except male to male and during breeding (mostly just intraspecies incompatibility).
  19. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    Odessa barbs aren't too bad, the only time when they are a major problem is if you have an ill fish in the tank with them, sometimes they will harass it to death.
  20. cwb141 Member Member

    Do you have exp with rams?