Im25 Lagoon Build Thread

Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Builds' started by alexbeal1117, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. alexbeal1117Valued MemberMember

    Alright so this'll be my first reef tank, well any sort of saltwater tank. I've been keeping freshwater tanks for some time now and I want to try something more challenging. Plus saltwater seems a bit more appealing to me as well. I've been doing lots of research and watching many of the Marine Depot and BRS info vids on setting and keeping a reef tank and how to stock it as well. I've been interested for the past year but finally got around to planning a tank out.

    -IM25 NUVO Lagoon
    -IM APS 25 Stand

    Media Reactors

    -Innovative Marine AQUA Gadget MiniMax All-In-One Desktop Size Reactor w/ Red Sea Reef Spec Carbon
    -Two Little Fishies HOB GFO Phosban 150 Reactor Kit/ Hydor Seltz L30 Water Pump and Two Little Fishies GFO Phosban Media
    -IM Desktop Protein Skimmed


    -AI Hydra 26 or Ecotech XR15W G4


    -Some Digital Thermometer
    -Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm 75 Watt Heater

    Water Quality

    -Seachem Matrix
    -Aquarium Floss for mechanical
    -Red Sea Pro Reef Salt
    -Red Sea Test Kits
    -Sicce Syncra Silent 1.0 Multifunction
    -Aquatic Life Twist In 3 stage Ro System with dual DI Unit


    -Aquamedic ATO Sysgem

    -CaribeSea Bimini Pink Sand
    -CaribSea Life Rock

    I'm gonna also share some of the fish, coral, and inverts I like as well. I'd appreciate help with figuring a stocking list out too. Just fish I'm interested in.
    -Percula/Ocellaris Clowns

    -Caramel Misbar
    -Pinkbar Goby
    -Jaguar Goby
    -Yellow Clown Goby
    -Neon Goby
    -Sharknose Goby
    -Randal Goby
    -Shrimp Goby and Pistol pair
    -Two Spot Bimaculatus
    -Yellow Eye Combtooth
    -Pygmy Wrasses
    -Tanaka's Pygmy
    -Scarlet Pin Stripe
    -Pink Streaked Wrasse
    -Possum Wrasse
    -1 Trochus Snail
    -2 Nassarus Snail
    -2 Cerith Snail
    -2 Cleaner Shrimp
    -Montipora Capicornis
    -Montipora Digita
    -Green Star Polyp
    -Zoa/ Palys

    So with the tank I initially plan to do the Tunze skimmer in the skimmer area of the tank and in the other one the carbon reactor. Then Have the Two Little Fishies phosban hanging on the back. The heater should also fit in with these too until the sump is installed. The return pump that comes with the tank will be replaced with the Sicce Syncra. Then the pump that comes with the phosban reactor will connect to the reactor then reactor to the other return nozzle. Save some space I figured.

    Once I have 2-3 fish I'll buy and instal the sump under the tank in the stand which seems like itll fit and the ATO might fit under there as well. The overflow should fit in the equipment area of the tank once I pull the "old" skimmer out and heater. The sump will have a refugium and a 50 gallon rated protein skimmer in the skimmer section and also in that section I'll possibly add another carbon reactor or upgrade to a bigger one for this area. Since the overflow is rated for 300 gph there should be any worry of flooding with the 251 gph return pump. My uncle will help me with the sump plumbing.

    On the stocking I found fish I like and I've seen recommended for nano or tanks this size on this forum and many other forums. I know about not keeping 2 identical gobies, or 2 identical blennies and even identical gobies and blennies together. I know in some instances some blennies can b e kept together and the same with gobies. The inverts are the a cleaning crew but I don't want too many cause if algae gets eradicated in the tank then I'll have to worry about them eating. Plus I can always clean algae myself as well. The corals I listed are corals I've seen recommended for beginners, I like, and/ or believe I would be able to get them to thrive. But any help I could get with the stocking would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. jpm995Well Known MemberMember

    Seems like a lot of fish and coral for a 25 gal tank.

  3. stella1979ModeratorModerator Member

    Great tank! If you want to see a great example of one running, you can find it here. Nart's Im25 Lagoon Build - Round 2!!!

    Sorry, I can't really comment on much of the equipment. I run a simple, sumpless 20g long reef setup and have had no need for return pumps or reactors. That said, I've put in some research to a larger tank as well, and it looks like a very good list you have going there. You're certainly starting off on the right foot and I applaud the time and research you have put in. :) The IM25 Lagoon though, it's an all in one... you could hide some equipment and have a refugium back there, though it won't hold the reactor or skimmer you've mentioned.

    You'll love the AI lights, and they have top notch customer service as well.

    I'm pretty sure the salt you're going with is the Red Sea Coral Pro, is that right? If so, I would suggest going with the blue bucket of Red Sea Salt instead. The Coral Pro is really for tanks that are already full of growing corals, and so has higher levels of nutrients that thriving corals will use. I've seen evidence here of people starting with the Coral Pro, then wondering why... calcium for example, is higher than the recommended range. I've been using the blue bucket on my 20g for 6 months now, and I have about 20 coral frags in the tank as well. Red Sea Salt is still achieving perfect parameters that stay consistent between water changes. There may be a day when you'll want the purple bucket/coral pro, but certainly not to start.

    I would suggest waiting for @Nart, (the owner of the IM25 linked above), to chime in before purchasing wavemakers. The tank you want is the IM25 Lagoon All in One right? With the integrated sump in the back? I think Nart runs his IM25, (without an external sump), without wavemakers in the tank, or perhaps just one Jabeo. He has upgraded the return pumps that go in back and also has some pretty nifty variable return nozzles you might want to look into.

    Your stock ideas look good too. :) You only want one of each type right? Maybe two clowns I suppose. Anyhow, be sure to stock from least aggressive to most, so perhaps the pygmy wrasse first, then the goby, blenny, and finally clowns. The clean up crew can go in as soon as it's cycled of course, as can the first fish. :)

    Corals look great as well! I'd start with GSP since it appears to be the only softy. You'd do well to isolate it though, as it can overtake a rockscape if it grows really well.

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  4. alexbeal1117Valued MemberMember

    Well that list isn't a list of everything I'd be putting into the tank. It's a list of the fishes I like that wouldn't be too hard to care for and would be appropriate for the tank. Just thought I'd include it because it would help with deciding a stocking for the tank.

    Yeah, I read over his whole thread. to see if I could get any ideas. And I am planning on isolating the GSP if I did get it. I have read up on most of these corals. I know some are recommended for beginners. Some not so really but can be added in later once I had more experience with corals.
    Fish wise I am looking for one of each type. I heard the YCG will for the majority of the time get along with other types of gobies, except other clowns. So I might try a shrimp goby/ pistol pair with a YCG.
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  5. LJC6780Well Known MemberMember

    As for the gobies and blennies ... it’s not just identical ones but similar body shape. So if two totally different fish look similar enough they can be incompatible ... so watch that. I have a lawnmower blenny and really like him. He does a lot of perching and blending but I think it’s kind of fun when you are just checking out the tank then all of the sudden realize you are staring at a fish! He blends so well he even changes colors to match better. He will also dart around to munch on algae or catch food you drop in.

    I wouldn’t plan to buy all of that equipment right off the bat. It’s likely much of it won’t be necessary. I doubt you’ll need a gyre in that small tank either. They are pretty powerful. I have a maxspect gyre ... the smaller one ... and it shoots water across my 4’, 85 Gallon tank with force!

    One thing I didn’t see on your list is a QT tank. Definitely a good idea to protect all of that investment and quarantine/treat all fish (and dip all corals at the very least. Best to dip and QT) for probably a minimum of 6 weeks before adding them to the display. They may look healthy but have issues their immune system is handling but the next fish may not be so lucky. Some things, one introduced to the tank, have to be left without a fish host for 12 weeks to get rid of ...

    I doubt you’ll need chemipure and carbon. Don’t use chemipure though. Floss will need to be discarded often to reduce the buildup of nitrates. I recommend a filter sock instead. Not sure if one would fit in the AIO sump or just in the external sump ... I like the nylon mesh ones better than the felt ones. Much easier to clean!

    You might also save some money and just buy the Skimmer you want in the end. You may not need one right away anyway. Save on equipment costs by not buying intermediate equipment!

    As far as test kits, hanna for Alk and Phosphorus are good, the others are iffy. Red Sea is also good for phosphate. Otherwise I think Red Sea and Salifert are both supposed to be good. It’s totally ok to use this from one brand and that from another. I use the Hanna ones listed and Salifert.

    I agree with Stella about the salt. Another good one is instant ocean reef crystals.

    As far as the RODI, make sure it doesn’t use proprietary refills ... you can even build your own with parts from BRS. I’ve never heard of the one you listed. I do recommend the double DI so you can actually fully use up a canister before switching it out. Just be sure to pack the resin in as tight as you can get. Fill and tap it down as you go.

    As far as return pumps, look into an adjustable DC pump. I use a large Jebao but you wouldn’t need one near as big! I think they have a smaller version. You can tune it to where you need it rather than trying to judge gph and hope it works.

    Other good corals are acan, mushroom (these come in lots of types and colors ... just got some super bright orange discosomas that are awesome!), zoas/palys (just be careful about palytoxin when handling/fragging), Hollywood stunner (another pretty easy sps), toadstool, leathers, cabbage ... softies in general are usually pretty good starters.

    You seem to have done a lot of researching and list making!! That’s definitely the first step!

    I’ll totally be following along here!
  6. stella1979ModeratorModerator Member

    I want to see those orange discos CJ! Time for some new photos on your thread? :D
  7. alexbeal1117Valued MemberMember

    I have been watching and reading up on blennies people have kept together, same with gobies, then similar gobies and blennies as well. I wanna make sure that whatever one I keep will turn out good.

    I'm not planning on all of the equipment at6 once. Being a high school who's involved in sports makes working a lot hard. I'm just glad I make a decent amount for someone my age. So I will most likely just skip intermediate gear and go to the sump gear. There's enough room in the sump for the protein skimmer and a midsize carbon reactor.

    I do have plenty of QT tanks, I have a 5, 10, and 20 gallon tanks for QT. I'll just have to switch one or 2 from fresh to salt.

    I've just seen chemipure recommended on most vids. So I thought it'd be helpful to have. As for the floss it's something I ran on all my freshwater tanks and changed every week.

    And I'll get the blue bucket Red Sea salt instead of the purple. Seems to be the better option for me.

    The RODI system has some pretty good ratings. I was gonna do the 3 stage RO then buy the dual DI system to go with it. That way I can catch more with the DI system. And It's not that much more to get it either.

    I might just have to go check her thread out too.

    I️ ordered the stand today off of Marine Depot, saved $35 on it. Should be here within a few days. Next will be the tank.
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  8. stella1979ModeratorModerator Member

  9. alexbeal1117Valued MemberMember

    Any ideas on how to cut down the amount of water the sump Return Pump would return to the tank, if the vacuum of the overflow box was to be lost?
  10. stella1979ModeratorModerator Member

    I can't be of real help with sumps, but I have heard a few tales of woe regarding overflow boxes. I'm just curious, are you certain you need to sump your tank? I guess the extra space and water volume would be nice, particularly if you want to stock heavily. I'd just say, that you'd be able to run carbon and or GFO, as well as have a nice little refugium in the back of the IM25. Due to costs alone, it may suit you well to start the tank without the sump and see how you go. You could always add an overflow box and a sump at a later date. Just something to think about.

    Have you had a chance to read Nart's thread? (Edit: Oops, just remembered that you said you'd read it.) It's a great example showing the work involved in changing a rockscape once the tank is up and running. One thing I like to always recommend is, take your time with your rockscape. Watch lots of videos and try to come up with something you'll like in the long run from the start. Lots of reefers find themselves wanting a change within the first year.

    Congrats on getting the stand! It's getting exciting and I can't wait to start seeing pictures of your build! :D
  11. alexbeal1117Valued MemberMember

    I see your point about the sump. I can always put it on later on.

    I was actually watching videos today about scaping in reef tanks. Got some ideas going through my head. Won’t be able to see if I'll like them till I get the tank, sand and rocks.

    I'm excited too. I'm gonna order the tank before the sale on Marine Depot ends. Save some money for other stuff
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  12. LJC6780Well Known MemberMember

    Check out BRS as they have some great sales on their rodi systems right now! I’d get the biggest you can afford but you can also always upgrade later.

    Just curious, did you have other biomedia in your fresh water tanks? Usually the bio filtration is held in the floss/filter pad for fresh water ... (since most aren’t filled with pounds of rock!)

    Being on a budget you may be able to diy a sump rather than going with the trigger. I know it’s quite a pricey brand! I have one that came with my tank setup and was sticker shocked when I looked up the price! That or try to find one used! Craigslist and OfferUp can be great places to find deals. I wouldn’t necessarily buy just anything used but some things are perfectly fine. (For instance heaters I wouldn’t buy used because they do have a finite lifespan and you don’t know what shape they were in ... sort of the same with pumps. Unless they are super cheap and you can verify they work and are free of defects.)

    Today is a great time to have family shop for your Christmas gifts too!! Have them use your BRS account and earn credit points too! Lol (if you aren’t already signed up, become a preferred reefer to get 5% instead of 1%)

    Are you talking a HOB or drilling the tank? I’ve heard HOBs to be somewhat unreliable in that dept where drilled ones use a drain effect rather than suction. And you keep enough room in the sump for any water to drain out if pump is turned off.

    Another option, if you would rather have a sump than AIO is to just get a different tank. This would leave more room in the display for rocks and corals and stuff and you can hide all equipment in the sump under the cabinet. I’m pretty sure there are rimless cubes out there that aren’t AIO. Just a thought ... not meant to throw off your plan!

    I actually really like the I’m 30 long I think. It may be an AIO also but it’s got a nice shape to it. I have a crystalline 85 Gallon rimless and love it. It’s really a sleek look! Mine is short and fat too, rather than tall and skinny ... so similar setup to the im25, but longer!

    Since you are on a budget, but like me have expensive taste, I’m just trying to think of things that may work better for your end game ... excited to see whatever you get!
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  13. alexbeal1117Valued MemberMember

    Alright, I'll take a look at BRS. I've been on there before, but just skimmed around. I'll set up an account as well while i'm on there.

    I do run other bio media on my freshwater tanks. I use SeaChem Matrix as bio media in all my tanks.

    The sump might just be a later investment, or if I upgrade I'll get a rimless and drill it for a sump.

    HOB. I was looking at using an HOB overflow box, but the stories I'm reading up on, are making me rethink.

    I think I'll stick with the AIO. If I upgrade I'll definitely get a rimless and drill it. The IM30, I think is just a plain rimless with a black background. I don't mind putting more money down if I know i'm paying for quality and reliability. But thanks, I appreciate the help with everything!

    The tank was only $212 on BRS. About $13 cheaper than Marine Depot, not much but I’ll take it
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  14. LJC6780Well Known MemberMember

    I don’t think I’ve shopped at marine depot ... I do like the rewards on BRS though! You can use anything earned on the next purchase. Always free shipping. Once a month they have 10x rewards instead of just 5. I try to wait til that day if I don’t need something right away. You can also sometimes get coupon codes in email so don’t delete them! I’ve used them past the date before with success.
  15. alexbeal1117Valued MemberMember

    Marine Depot is a pretty good place to shop for aquarium supplies. It seems that they might carry a larger selection of things. They both have reward systems but I like BRS reward system more. Just buying the tank earned me $12 dollars. I'll have to watch out for any sales or coupons they have.
  16. LJC6780Well Known MemberMember

    Cool! You will get emails now that you’ve signed up. They still have their door buster sales going on ... probably through Monday. I’m on a tight budget myself right now and am trying to decide what to buy!
  17. alexbeal1117Valued MemberMember

    Same here. I know Marine Depot has a lot of IM stuff for 10%-15% off. I'll see if anything I was getting is on sale there.
  18. alexbeal1117Valued MemberMember

    I found out today, that by the end of the week, the tank and stand should be here. In the meantime I'll been looking up aquascapes to help me come up with some ideas. And I will be looking up some possible corals to get as well.
  19. LJC6780Well Known MemberMember

    So exciting!! Just make sure you wait to add corals until the tank is fully cycled and even better if it matures a bit first.
  20. alexbeal1117Valued MemberMember

    I️ will. Would seeding the saltwater tank with freshwater Media help at all?

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