I'm Thrilled, Lemon Tetras And Bolivian Ram Male On The Way. 50 Gallon Tank | Page 2

  1. Bettanewb Well Known Member Member

    I think they're a stunning fish. I really like like the look of the deeper bodied tetra
  2. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Also it pretty neat seeing the various changes a fish breed goes though as they age, especially for us new to the hobby.

  3. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    I dont know how many heaters I have destroyed by not turning off before water changes. Dont feel bad, you are not alone.

    The lemon tetras are beautiful.
  4. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    As I age I hope more and more consumers electronics stuff has fail safes. The most difficult is in my aquaponics system which has a 2600 gallon fish tank in which I am currently exchanging water every day because our fish house / greenhouse roof leaked zinc in to the tank That is a Brook Trout AP. Most trout can handle no more than 1ppm zinc before they get sick and die. I have no way to test for zinc, so I run well water though the system for the last three days. Try remembering you have the water on all day. :jimlad:

  5. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis
    Our Lemon Tetras have settled right in with an equal size group of Black Skirt Tetras
  6. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Here is a September 2017 update on our 50 gallon planted aquarium.
    This tank makes me happy.
  7. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Our community tank

  8. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Can Bolivian Ram females become lethargic without a male present?

    I see from Seriously Fish that Bolivian Rams prefer less percentage of water changes than I am doing. Over the last two weeks of weekly water exchanges I have done nearly 50% as we are drywalling an addition to our house. The tank is always covered during work as is the air pump. I don't see any swirls of debris on the surface.
  9. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    We lost our beautiful Flame Dwarf Gourami. It looked pretty bad in death, kind of black around the head, missing tail. We assume it was because of all the drywall sanding we've done in our addition to our house. I kept the tank covered with cloth during each sanding. With DIY drywall finishing comes a lot of sanding and we missed covering the tank one day. I saw film on top and did a 50% water change focusing on the top. The Gourami spends a lot of time on top as it is a labyrinth fish, so sad, we'll miss Gourmi. I did a 30% water change last night. Removed the Hornwart as it was growing too fast to keep up with. Moved the Java Fern on driftwood to that side of the tank. This is when I saw the Gourami dead. We're done with drywall and both a primer coat and color coats are on, hooray!

  10. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Sorry about the jittery video. I'm still a little shaky from health issues. I think, I hope I'm on the mend

  11. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    I'd like to add top dweller fish to this tank. All of the fish I have now are gray or tan. We need more colorful schooling fish.
  12. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Our community tank December 30th 2017

    Happy new year everyone!
  13. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Good morning.
    Other than one cherry barb jumping out of our 50 gallon tank, our community is doing well. The Walmart Neon Tetras are still in the ten gallon QT. It's been three weeks for them,. I'm looking forward to seeing the Neons in with the rest perhaps a week from now.
    I changed the aquascape in the 50g FT. The fish seem to like new scapes.
  14. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Good morning!
    I hadn't posted in a few months. Things are going very well here in northern New Mexico. The treatment for inflammatory arthritis I've been on for a half year is keeping flares to a minimum and I'm currently working out everyday. Our little community tank is going along perfectly too. We added more Neon Tetras a month ago, but that didn't work out well. The heater I bought wasn't the proper temperature range, but it was the only one available so I went with it. It must have stressed the Neons in the QT and they didn't make it. The fish load in our 50 gallon tank is high anyway. Now that I feel better I can think clearer too. We'll leave the community just as it is now with 11 Black Skirt Tetras, 8 Cherry Barbs, 8 Lemon Tetras, 5 Black Neons, 5 Peppered Corycats, and three Neons. This appears to be the balance point for the tank.
    We do love the little splash of color the Neons and Cherry Barbs give the tank. Thank you all for helping us make our living-room fish tank so enjoyable.