I'm Thrilled, Lemon Tetras And Bolivian Ram Male On The Way. 50 Gallon Tank

  1. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    I'm so happy Nell approved my fish order. We have identified the two recent fish additions to our community planted aquarium as female Bolivian Ram. This will get us the more colorful male. The other fish are 8 Lemon Tetras.:)
    Screenshot from 2017-06-15 06:13:19.png
  2. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    Nice. Pictures when they are in please.

  3. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    I sure will
  4. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Good morning.
    Near as I can tell from USPS tracking, my Lemon Tetras and Bolivian Ram arrive today!

    This is as close to a quarantine tank as I can put together today. The lamp I hope will keep the water at 74F. I'll setup a digital

    We've been spending all our time and money building a new master bedroom.

    I added a tee to the air pump from our 50 gallon community aquarium as well as water. I need to look in my aquarium devices stash and find another airline valve to control the bubble rates.
    I do not have a second filter for the quarantine tank.
    Can I assume it will be okay to do 50% water changes daily in the quarantine tank for a couple weeks?
    Brian Rodgers

    Our new tropical freshwater fish have arrived!!! One Lemon Tetra was DOA, leaving seven. The Bolivian Ram is fine. They are in a makeshift quarantine tank where they'live for a week or so as we make certain they are in good health.
    Plus we bought Hornwart a non-vascular submerged plant species, meaning it has no roots. It was a 1/2 pound of live plants. I bought it for the Koi pond as well as the trout pond. I had to add some to the 50 gallon community aquarium, because dang, it is beautiful. Another reason is this will match the fish load to the plant load.
    Added some of the Hornwart for cover in the quarantine tank.
    Also added Hornwart to the community tank
    The only heat source I have now for the quarantine tank is this LED lamp. It moved the water temperature up from 71F to 72F

  5. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Sad news on the Lemon Tetras. We lost about one per day until they were all gone. Imperial Tropicals has been helpful. The 4 gallon QT was too small and I couldn't keep the water stable even with 50% water changes every day. We're restarting the process with a new 10 gallon quarantine tank and ten Lemon Tetras on the way.
    The new quarantine tank still looks little but it should do the trick, right?
    The Bolivian Ram is now in the the community 50 gallon tank and seems to be getting along with the other Bolivian Rams. Hopefully this new Ram is a male, but for now all I can tell you is its getting some color as it was pale in the four gallon qt tank.
    I've got a new heater ordered for the 50 gallon as I forgot again to unplug it when changing water a week ago. Lucky for the fish the ambient temperatures are keeping the water at ~72F. I want to keep the quarantine tank stable as well and use it for plants which I'll be moving in and out of the 50 as I manage the aquascape.
    The new heater has an automatic low water shut off, I think made especially for people like me.
    Amazon.com : EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater 125W : Pet Supplies EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater 125W
  6. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    The ten gallon for a quarantine of lemon tetras should be fine if it is cycled. I assume it is being fed even though it is empty.
    Good luck with them. Let us know how they do.
  7. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Thank you for your response. By "fed" do you mean fish food? It was filled from the 50 gallon and has a cycled filter running in it. Is this okay? I can add a little fish food for the bacteria if I should.

  8. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    That sounds great. You still need to feed the bacteria or the colony will die off. Start feeding fish food or use ammonia. I leave my quarantine filters running in my big tanks until I actually put fish in. Then I swap them over. You will be okay if you start feeding the tank.
  9. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    I have both ammonia and fish feed.I can't recall what the numbers are for the ammonia, so I'll stick with a pinch of flake food every day. Does this sound right?
  10. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Our new school of ten Lemon Tetras are here ans in our new 10 gallon quarantine tank.

  11. OnTheFly Well Known Member Member

    Hope it goes better this time. If you can find a place to keep the QT running for awhile, putting some age on it would do it good. A makeshift QT is usually better than nothing but shipped fish have already been through a rough time and need a stable home for acclimation.
  12. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Thanks buddy. I filled this tank from the fifty gallon tank. Was that wise? I think one of the issues with the 4 gallon QT was I added too much Seachem Prime to the well water I used., as calling it a four gallon was a bit generous.
    Yes, now that I snuck a second tank in the house, I'll keep it running as a place for plants and fish as needed during maintenance of the fifty. Should I do daily 50% water changes while I keep these fish in quarantine for a month?
  13. OnTheFly Well Known Member Member

    That was a good way to fill the tank. It wouldn't be bad way to do the last WC before you move them to the big tank. I frequently do that to make to acclimation smoother. Daily 50% WCs shouldn't be necessary but watch the parameters close and figure out what keeps the water clean. I don't QT 30 days but that is up to you. How happy they appear to be in the 10G should be a factor n the decision IMO.
  14. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    It's coming up on a month that the Lemon Tetras have been in quarantine. No losses, it seems the first tank I had the first shipment was in was too small. I do 40% water changes every three days in the 10 gallon quarantine.
  15. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Rescaped again, added Amazon Compacta and brought the ten Lemon Tetras up out of quarantine after a month. Yippee
    I hadn't taken a good picture of the Lemon Tetras yet. I'm sure it won't be long before I get the perfect lighting
    here perhaps you can make out the Lemons fitting right in already.
    I'll keep the quarantine tank running for plants I'm trimming and moving in and out of the community tank. When I got the Amazon Compacta I had it on the right, but the Hornwart is really taking off and there was not enough light getting to the floor of the tank on that side.
  16. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    Good morning!
    Our tank is more fun than ever. The Lemon Tetras come out of hiding to eat with the bigger fish. I took a lot of pictures, again only a few were clear. I think I have a better understanding of my new camera. Haha now all I need to do is remember to shoot at night in our bright house and clean the outside of the aquarium as well.
    I thought the plants were getting yellow in the leaf tips and now I see from these pictures that is so. Busy busy, but I'll address the plants needs better now that I feel well enough to keep up.
    Our Bolivian Rams are also doing quite well.

  17. Bettanewb Well Known Member Member

    I love my lemons spunky and boistrous little things they are. They give the guppies a good run for their money at feeding time in my tank :)
  18. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    That is so cool. How old and big are your Lemon Tetras?
  19. Bettanewb Well Known Member Member

    I've only had them for about 2-3 weeks. Not sure Of age but still juvenile not full grown yet. I adore them not shy at all.
  20. Brian Rodgers Well Known Member Member

    We really like the looks of the juvenile fish with their striking reversed appearing (anal fin?)