im thinking of rehomeing my big pleco, so how much should i rehome him for?

  1. LadyBug82 Member Member

    i am thinking of re homing my pleco algae eater and i wondered what is a good re homing fee for him? i think he is 3 to 4 inches long. here are two pics of him.

    IMG_20120406_201709.jpg IMG_20120406_201625.jpg
  2. CichlidSWAGA Well Known Member Member

    i have never sold a fish i am not a breeder. And unless you are i would not sell him just make sure he goes to a good home. Just MO

  3. Lupinus Member Member

    If you're charging anything more than shipping, I've always been of the opinion it's not rehoming it's selling.
  4. LadyBug82 Member Member

    oh i wanting to get some shrimp maybe something smaller tho. was going to post on Craigslist tho.