Im Stumped... Rasboras In Trouble

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by ladylouroll, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. ladylourollValued MemberMember

    I did my usual water change on saturday of 50%/gravel vac etc. Treated the water with prime as i always have and didnt think anything more of it until in the morning some (not all species seem affected at all) of my CPD and all but 2 of my ecrythromicron were staying very near to the bottom/sat on the bottom all seem to be able to stay up right after having a good look around my tank i found my 3 remaining habrosus corys had died. Checked my water parameters 0-ammonia (my seachem ammonia alarm is also showing safe) 0-nitrites 10-nitrates my ph is high but has been stable at 8 for a rather long time now and i do have rather hard water but again that hasnt changed from my testing and temp is 24c. My tank is fairly heavily planted has several pieces of wood which have been in my tank for at least a year. Anyway i decided to feed some frozen daphnia to see if the ones that were struggling would eat i one bob up and gobble up a daphnia but the others didnt try. I watched whilst they fed (or didnt) until i noticed one of my boraras micros did a rather long whiteish poo, i thought i saw one of them do a white poo the day before but it moved so fast i couldnt be sure, so thought to be on the safe side i would treat with prazipro as i had it on hand. Since then bumblebee gobies seem to be totally unaffected (before and after treatment), akysis vespa again unaffected, my oto's seem happy enough but i do notice them going up to the surface to get air. Strange thing is the micros seem fine in themselves eating well and very active (i bought them along with a group of urophthalmoides which all died with a couple of days so i didnt think these would last, especially through this as i gather they can be very sensative little fish).But since treating prazipro last night all of my cpd/ecrythromicron are either sat right on the bottom or have their heads stuck right near the top in my floating plants and my 2 badis both totally dropped their colour (but now have coloured back up acting normally). I have taken my tank lid of and changed the direction of my filters spray bar so more bubbles are getting to the bottom and much more adjitation at the top, problem is the ones that were struggling most and sitting on the bottom before now cant do this strangely it seems the side where the filter/heater is seems to be where all the seemingly healthy fish are breathing fine and the others are at the other end in the little open area and up int he roots of the floating plants . I done another 20% w/c and added the amount of prazipro that would of been lost back in this morning. Come home from work and situation is much the same fed some micro pellets this morning so fed cyclops when i got back seems the same fish are still eating, others not. The only thing i can think of is i have been keeping a bit of polyfilter in the tank for several months whilst new fish were being added and im wondering now ive taken that out to use the prazipro if its made something spike? I did think maybe something to do with water hardness but the ecrythomicrons should be one of the best at dealing with that and ive never had a problem with them before. any help/ideas greatly appreciated. thankyou
  2. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    Have you tested the GH and KH out of the tank and tap lately? Did you closely match the temp when doing the water change?
  3. ladylourollValued MemberMember

    hello, thankyou the reply. i tested the tank but not the tap water. i will go and test that in a moment my KH is between 120 and 180 (150 id guess comparing colours it looks in the middle to me) and my GH is high 180. i have been keeping an eye on them in my tank since im aware im in a hard water area so asside from the otos which i sourced locally anyway tried to choose fish that id either had success with and/or read about others having success in often harder water than mine. I also forgot to mention my rosy loaches are showing no affect to anything all acting totally normal, along with my neocaridina shrimp and nerite snails. I re-tested my ammonia with another test kit (as my gut keeps telling me the symptoms point to that) but again 0. my lights are on for about 7 1/2 hours anymore i get green hair algae explosions. When i stired through my sand like normal i did get an extra little bubble or two near my leaf little but would have thought the akysis would of been the first to stress if the sand wasnt the best since they bury themselves in it especially around the wood right next to the leaf litter.

    Ok, tap water tested id say both the GH and KH are fractionally lower from my tap than my tank. Although the reading from my tank have been reading the same/very close to the above reading. nitrates from my tap are about 40, nitrites 0. The ph strip for some reason is too different colours showing at about 7-7.5 which doesnt sound at all right usually its 7.8 to just over 8 from my water suppliers testing. I will try a different test for that shortly. As for tempreture i must confess over the years ive got into the habbit of using my hand to work out tempreture but when the w/c water was added the stick on thermometer stayed at 24/25. I think i will try and get a more accurate thermometer to rule out mine hasnt given up the ghost since its rather old to rule that out too. thanks
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  4. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    If the nitrates are 40 ppm in the tap, how are you getting them to 10 ppm in your tank?

    The sudden change in pH with the water change could be an issue if the pH really is that much lower. If the tap pH is lower because there is dissolved CO2 in it, then it shouldn't be an issue. You can let a cup of tap water sit out for 24 hours, stirring it occasionally. Test the pH again from the cup after 24 hours.

    Eh, I use my hand for temp too. A few degrees off shouldn't be an issue.
  5. ladylourollValued MemberMember

    I assume my live plants had used the nitrates up to that point since i tested before the 50% w/c. I just retested the nitrates and they are currently more like 20. My plants have been growing pretty well lately since apart from a few root tabs i dont really fert them and only have black sansibar sand. too forgetful to do daily ferts haha. Ok i will do that see what it is tomorrow. strange as it seems to stay rather stable within the tank ive been testing about 3x a week min for the last couple of months after being paranoid leaf litter would wreck my tank (still dont really understand the effects of tannins in hard water, any idea? would that be making it worse in some way?). I just tested my 10g shrimp Q tank and that ph reads 8 also and that only has a couple of floating plants in there and a teeny bit on sand which makes me think i havent added a dodgy pebble or something thats changing my ph. the tank itself has been running for about 10yrs but has had periods of time of being lightly stocked just trying to think of anything that could make a difference. Going to look at my water providers page again maybe they may have a more recent test result on there. thanks

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