I’m scared my filter will cause an ammonia spike??


My filter has been acting weird lately and today I decided to rinse out the filter media (in tank water ofc) and when I put the filter back in, it didn’t turn on. When it finally turned on, a bunch of stuff came out of it. I’m guessing what came out was the beneficial bacteria buildup. Is that a thing?
I’m worried it might mess up my tank’s cycle or something. My tank also looks dirtier than it did before.


Probably just muck that accumulated in the filter's reservoir became dislodged and floated out when turned back on.

If tank looks dirtier, I would suggest to vac the substrate and do a largw water change.


Sometimes things that are accumulated in the filter get pushed out when it's restarted from being off. If your water appears cloudy, I like to keep some Fluval Quick Clear close by for moments where I'm immediately worried about my water quality, although I do not think it should affect your cycle.


What you are seeing isn't going to affect your cycle. This often happens when a filter has been disturbed. What you are seeing isn't your bacteria. It is just waste that has accumulated in the bottom of your filter. It makes the water look less clean for a little while but should quickly clear up.

Personally I wouldn't add anything that claims to quickly clear up cloudy water. In my humble opinion it is better to just let your filter do what it is designed to do.
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