I'm Planning To Set Up More Aquariums


Currently, I have a 55 gallon aquarium, and a 45g. I have some fish that are going to outgrow my tanks, and they're moving to a 240. After I have that set up, I'm going to have a lot of extra space in my current tanks, and I'm thinking about setting up more. I will have enough time to manage all of them, as I have a LOT of free time. So, well, here's what I plan to have by next winter. (And 55s are only around 40-50$ on craigslist, where I live, so why not buy a few more) This will be a lot compared to what I have now, but I'm sure I can handle it, lol.

55 (Centipede Knifefish and Loach tank)
45 (Community Tank)
240 (Oddball Predator Aquarium)
55 (Community Tank)
55 (Lake Tanganyika Biotope)
55 (Rainbowfish Aquarium)
10 (Dwarf Pufferfish Species Tank)


Go for it!

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