I'm planning on making a fish tank with plants

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by Immersioni, Dec 25, 2012.

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    I have a 20 gallon, and all I have in there at the moment is one neon tetra, & a black stripe tetra ( I think what it's called?... It's a pale red tetra with a black stripe, and red fins. ) The rest of the tankmates were killed off by ick, and I couldn't stop it until after they all died. :l And yes, I understand that they're schooling fish.

    But, I've been nagging myself to add live plants, so I'm going to start with my 10 gallon and add some easy plants, but I'm not sure if it's the best idea. I was planning on adding 2 mystery snails, a pleco, whatever shrimp I can find at my store, and 6 or 7 neon tetras, and maybe 5 guppies. But, I was thinking what plants would be best for the tank, and whether not I should add a 10 gallon filter, a 15 gal filter, or a 20 gal filter, or no filter at all.
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    Welcome to fishlore, friend, and merry X-mas!!

    You should definintely add a filter - the larger the better.
    Next step will be to cycle the filter - to get some bacteria in the filtermedia that decomposes the urea and other toxins that the fish produce. See the posts in the filter section of the forum, and the article on cycling.
    The fewer fish you have, the less the chance of them getting intoxicated, so don't count on getting more fish for a couple of months, if you want to be a responsible fishkeeper (i.e. you care more for the wellbeing of the fish than your need for more fish)
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    in your profile it says you dont know about the nitrogen cycle. its the most important thing to understand when keeping fish. it has to do with cycling the tank that was already mentioned. here is a article to look at, make sure you completely understand cycling.

    there really is no pleco that would be good in a 10g. there just isnt enough space in one for most fish. you cant do the shrimp, snails, tetras and guppies but thats overstocked imo. so make sure you keep the tank very clean. also the guppies population can explode when they breed so have a plan on what your doing with there fry.

    id go with a aquaclear30 HOB filter.plants will depend on what kind of lights you are using. how many watts and what kind.. t5-HO, T5-NO, T8. my guess is your using T8 if its stock lighting. if so some plants to try would be.. java fern, java moss(especially if you get shrimp), water spite, anacharis, dwarf sage, and penny wort. there are others but those should be some the easiest.

    hope that helps! merry x-mas and welcome to fishlore
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    Thanks guys. I kind of have a problem with over-stocking tanks.. _ _U

    I've been reading up on the Nitrogen Cycle, and will put to heart what you told me. I'll probably shorten the tank to 3 shrimp, and maybe a snail, maybe not. :L But, ( it may be annoying for another question, BUT... ) How many plants should I put in it? I'm thinking about Java Fern, & Java Moss.

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    Doesn't really matter. It's personal preference.
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    as many as you can. i would get some water spite and plant it in the back. i would just buy one pot of it, the plants should grow so you can spread them around as they grow.

    put java fern in the middle, this plant prob wont grow as much so i would try to buy as much as you want. id say around 5 plants of java fern but some can come in huge bunches so it can vary.

    java moss should spread easily to so you shouldnt have to buy to much of that. it really does best if tied to some driftwood, so id get some if possible. use some fishing line to tie it on.

    i would also get some anubias, its also very easy. it is a slow grower and would also like to be tied to something. you can plant it in the gravel just dont cover the thick root looking thing that the leaves are coming off of.

    you should also get some seachem comp. i would add this once a week after a water change.