I'm Not Sure If She Is Ready To Breed Or Not..

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    Hey Everyone, I'm a new member here.. I was wondering if my betta is carrying eggs and how come she doesn't have vertical stripes.. most of my females would develop stripes by the time their stomach is that huge. I've been letting my male and female betta see each other for 3 to 4 days now and 30 minutes each day. He even built a bubble nest too! She is not flaring back but tries to swim to him when he comes close sometimes.

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    Some females won’t develop breeding stripes. This usually pertains to light colored females but I have a cobalt as well as a blue female who never had stripes (or very faint ones) before they spawned.

    I’ve taken to using a divider when breeding bettas. This way you know for sure the female is trying to reach the male as she will be trying to find a way around the divider.