I''m new!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi all!
    I'm kate!
    I have 2 goldfish happily living in a 30 gal. aquarium but will soon be upgrading to a 75 gal. aquarium once I can clean up some stuff and make room for it on the wall!
    I'm the mother to a beautiful baby boy named Noah Jay!
    I look forward to meeting you all on here and getting advice on how to care for my 2 lil goldfish!!
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    Goldfish tanks should be set up like freshwater tropical tanks, with a layer of medium-sized substrate on the bottom. Rocks and woodwork to provide hiding and resting places are a must, as is a tight-fitting glass lid and a fluorescent light. While a heater is not necessary for temperate species like goldfish, I like to include one and keep it set on a lower setting to help prevent temperature fluctuations. Cooler temperatures are okay for goldfish, but rapid changes in water temperature of more than several degrees in a twenty-four-hour period can be very stressful for all fish.
    Plants are always a great addition to any tank, but goldfish are notoriously hard on them. If you choose a tough species of plant such as Java Fern, and provide at least one watt of light per gallon of water, you may be successful. Because goldfish love to eat plants, providing bunch plants like Cabomba from time to time will give them something to graze on and they might leave your Java Fern alone.

    Also, Welcome to Fishlore !
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    Welcome glad to see your here!
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    Hello I'm also new, 2 days old and gotten great advice so far!
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    Duckweed can be a popular snack too and if you if you know people its either cheap or free.
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    Plus, if you buy it once, you'll never have to buy it again!
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    Welcome to the forum!