Im new

  1. Luke 16 Initiate Member

    Im new on this i hav a a 87 litre tank and a breedin tank with 3 babys in it 2 of them r swordtails i dont know wat the other 1 is long story ;D[ Breedin fish is so much fun its gud raisin them. I hav 1 pictus catfish about 6 swordtails 1 pleco 2 gourami 3 mollies 3 clown loaches. The babys r crazy there about 6 weeks old. My M8 is on this 2 he has 2 crazy gouramis and a bristlenose pleco and 2 guppies hes only statin off hes gettin though!!!!!!!!!!! sumbody reply plzzzzzzz
  2. Craig Well Known Member Member

    this is my best m8 every1!!! This is who i hav been talkin about, this is the real expert he has joined a gr8 website and will share his expertise and yes hes crazy as well as me, works in litres brilliant stuff just about 2 go 2 golf here luke glad u joined!!! :D
  3. Craig Well Known Member Member

    i like the other catagory as well talk about the other animals ive had its good work ur way up 2 hero membership! gotta go