I'm new! Planted tanks, breeder, swordtails, guppies, bettas. Ferret!!!

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    I cannot get your video to run, which is likely my fault, given that I consider the pin-hole camera to be a new and dangerous invention.
    I have always found ferrets to be endless fun, my pair being called Nick and Nora, but in that there is no way that I have found to restrict their activities (they have the run, or perhaps, leap, of the house, I ferret proof my tanks--a bit of a task, that).
    Despite being adorable and absolutely cute, they fear nothing, and act accordingly--well fear nothing other than my cockatoo, who actually does defend the cats on occasion--it is sort of like MAD, but with fewer consequences.
    Still, as with most pets, I'd far sooner be with them than without them; best, rick.
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