I'm New At Aquarium Keeping And I Don't Understand The Difference Between Liter And Gallons

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    I have bought a 25 litre tank, it has a filter and two live plants, i'm saving up for a heater. Everywhere I look it says gallons and I converted later to gallons and it says mine is only 6 gallons, although it is huge for my Betta male. I was considering a blue Ghourami tank mate, but on the website it says there must be at least 20 gallons of space. Can I get more fish? my aquarium I believe is 25cmx25cmx40x?
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    Litres are British.
    We also have gallons that are a different size to American gallons.

    Six gallons is a beautiful tank for a betta (many recommend 10 US gallons).

    My two bettas are in two 19 litre (5us) tanks.

    Definitely don't put any other fish in there. It may look a big tank but it's small for anything else, and bettas are naturally solitary creatures.

    You could add a few shrimp (be aware they may get picked on/killed/eaten by the betta), or a snail (mystery or nerite don't breed so won't overrun the tank).
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    Hello! Some compatibility suggestions: Each betta is different. Some are peaceful where others aren't. Still, it's a good idea not to mix bright-coloured fish or any that are aggressive with a betta. (edited) This aside, a 6 gallon really doesn't give you a lot of flexibility with a betta. You need about 10+ gal for a community betta tank to work and not be overstocked. If this doesn't seem appealing to you, your betta is just fine flying solo and being the prince of the tank! An idea to fill any "empty space" would be to try out a planted tank and learning how to work with CO2 injectors and the like. You could also get silk plants or bigger decor. :>
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    ^ in a six gallon though?

    I'm not disagreeing, because I'm still new to the hobby (like, a year), and definitely still learning, but I'm seeing some possible issues with the stocking options.

    First, I don't know if any of those are plausible in a 6g tank, especially not with a betta already in it?

    What's the smallest pleco... clown? Would they fit in a 6g?

    All Cory types need a group of at least six to really be happy/healthy... I don't know if even pandas (or whatever the smallest Cory is) would be happy in a 25x25 centimetre... I thought they needed the dimensions of like, a 20g long? (Not high).

    I think loaches need to be min of six too... I have Kuhli in my main tank, but would not put them in my betta tanks... I don't know about other loach kinds?

    WCMM I believe need much cooler water than a betta, and again, a lot more space than a 6g offers, and again, a group of at least six.

    I think ember tetras are about the smallest tetra? And galaxy rasbora about the smallest of those? Again, both need groups of at least six, and are far too active for a 6g.

    ADFs are practically blind and somewhat clumsy. I think they're often lovingly referred to as stupid animals (although oh so cute). They need a species only tank so they have a chance of finding food and eating it before it gets stolen (by a betta, for example). Or, you need to dedicate time to hand feeding. Also, the betta could pick on them, or, they could take bites out of the bettas fins simply because they sense the movement and don't know it's not good.

    This is all just what I've picked up on here, so I apologise if I've shot your help down with incorrect info :(
  5. smee82Fishlore VIPMember

    Nothing or then snails or shrimp will work with a netta in a tank that size.

    If you let a colony of red cherry shrimp grow in another container before adding them to your bettas tank enough my survive predation to keep your cooony going
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    Hello And Welcome to Fishlore
    In my opinion, measurements are very confusing and I agree with you!
    Before we begin let me start by saying 1 gallon (not imperial gallon) = 3.78541 liters and 1 liter = 0.264172 gallons. A gallon is larger than a liter. Litre is British and liter is American. But I find Liter much more common than Gallon in Asia.
    I know the feeling, Most of the times a Aquarium looks pretty big like you can put a Shark into it but actually you can barely put more than 3 Goldfish in it (They grow very large) and even if we do not consider How small the fish is or How big they can become, Guppy (They are common and small) need 10 gallon or larger which means you can not put Guppy in your tank and you need at least 40 or 50 liters (10 and 13 Gallons) but they will do better in a 10 gallon or larger

    Plus, Shall I know the exact dimensions?
    Betta Can be kept in small tanks as small as 2 gallons but they do best in larger tanks, However Many keep them in a small betta fish bowl and they may live for a while in these small bowls. However, to get the most beautiful colors and optimal health for your fish, they will do better in a 10 gallon or larger betta aquarium with a heater that can maintain a constant temperature in the aquarium.
    You can also use a divider and have 2 Betta in the same Aquarium which means you have to get 11 gallons or larger for your two.
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    edited the post ^^ I noticed my mistake as soon as I reread haha! I misread "6" as "9"
    You're right, all of those wouldn't fit in a 6g.
    Also the smallest Cory Cats currently known is the Pygmy Cory Cat. They're really cute, and can fit in a 10 gal or more. :>

    I'd say for other Cories nothing less than a 20 gal long. They school and need space!
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    Liter/litre, is metric, which is part of the international standards for scientific measurement. It has been adopted by most of the countries in the world, with the US being the biggest holdout against complete conversion due to the amount of infrastructure that uses non-metric measurements. Due to working in a machining environment most of my life, I can usually do quick conversion in my head, or at least approximate conversions. Roughly there are just under 4 litres in a US gallon, and unless you start getting into hundreds or thousands, that approximation works for most things.

    Given a 6 gallon/25 litre tank, most of the above recommendations are about right. One male Betta and some shrimp and/or snails. The few fish that might fit probably wouldn't get along with a Betta, or have incompatible requirements. Personally, I'd divide the tank and have two male Bettas, but that's my way of doing things.